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Intro cutscene 1

Will Mackenzie inside the hangar

Jackrabbit Remote Transport. Zero flights a day to the Mainland communities and...well anywhere really.
-Will Mackenzie

Jackrabbit Remote Transport is the family business of the Mackenzie family, originally operated solely by Jack Mackenzie. The transport business runs supplies and people to and from the harder to reach places of the wilderness, hence the latter part of the name.

At the time of the Aurora, William Mackenzie, Jack's son, serves as the pilot for the company. He appears to be cooperating with a woman named Maureen who likely works for the company in some way (with finances and/or administration) but it is unknown if the company employs anyone else apart from these two. It is implied by Maureen and Will in combination that the company is financially underperforming due to lack of clients. This might in turn be a result of decreased demand caused by The Collapse.

The company itself plays litte role in the story and exists as a catalyst for the progression of the story. It is not mentioned at all after the first cinematic, the only reference being the company logo found at the back of Mackenzie's parka as long as the player decides to keep it.

Trivia Edit

Despite a common misconception, the word "Air" is not included in the company name. It is seen in the subtitles as "Jackrabbit Remote Air Transport" the first time the name is mentioned by Will in the cinematic at the very beginning of Episode 1. The audio however, excludes the word "Air", and so does the poster found inside the hangar. When Will comments on the poster he also uses this wording.