Injuries subtract instantly from condition and will briefly display the name of the injury when it occurs. Other than this notification and the character's vocalizations of pain, injuries may go unnoticed when they occur. First aid is not applicable to injuries; the damage has been done, though treatable afflictions often accompany injuries. Undisturbed rest speeds up condition recovery.

Falls[edit | edit source]

Dropping from an elevated position may cause injury. Greater heights create both a greater chance of injury and greater potential condition loss. Falls of only a few meters are survivable, typically only taking 5-10% from a player's condition. However it is possible to suffer 100% condition loss by falling from clifftops or other high positions.  Falls also carry the potential for damaged clothing or afflictions such as ankle sprains. Fall-related injuries can also occur while walking or running on rocks or uneven surfaces without an actual, visible "fall" occurring from the player's perspective. Being over-encumbered, running, or other player behaviour may increase the risk of affliction with a fall injury; crouching and moving carefully seems to significantly reduce the risk.

Lacerations and bruising (major and minor)[edit | edit source]

These injuries are sometimes randomly inflicted after a fall or during wolf attacks. Lacerations and bruises typically take 5-20% from condition for each instance. While the term 'laceration' suggests the need to control bleeding, that is not the case in TLD. Bleeding wounds are handled as a separate affliction: blood loss.

Close call[edit | edit source]

Injuries may also be possible if a player just barely escapes from an attacking animal by entering an indoor area. In this case, the injury may not be shown until the new screen loads, suggesting the animal slammed into the door just as the player got through. Animal must be sufficiently close to the door in question and charging at the player for this to occur. This may also be the result of the animal landing an attack during the loading fade-out.

Afflictions such as sprains or blood loss may be shown on screen, but may not actually be registered and do not show up in the first aid menu.

Burning[edit | edit source]

Standing in or too close to a fire will cause condition loss from burning at a rate of 1-2% per minute. The affliction burns will also be applied and clothing currently worn will be damaged or even ruined.

Falling into water[edit | edit source]

Falling into water--either by touching open water at the shoreline in a coastal region or by falling through weak ice--causes 10% condition loss. It also soaks your clothing, completely drains warmth, and applies a hypothermia risk.

Coming into contact with waterfalls or flowing water in Hushed River Valley or other regions will mostly have the same effects. However, the player will not be immediately afflicted with hypothermia and may avoid soaked clothing by removing clothes before coming into contact with water.

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