Risk[edit | edit source]

You sustained a wound that could result in infection if left untreated.
In-game description

Infection risk accompanies the blood loss affliction. Infection risk is not an infection itself, but rather a chance to receive an infection. It is tracked as a percentage that will go no higher than 90%. The infection risk starts at 50% and will increase every hour by 5% until one of two things happen:

  • If the infection risk hits 0%, the affliction will entirely disappear and the player will have no chance to get an infection. Items that reduce infection chance can be found below.
  • Within a day of getting the infection risk, the game will take the current percent risk of the player and clear the infection risk. Whatever percent chance when the risk clears up is how likely the player is to get an infection. The higher your infection risk, the more likely the player has to get an infection when the affliction clears. If the infection risk does not hit 0%, the game will eventually clear the infection risk and may or may not give the player an infection depending on the percent chance.

Items that will reduce infection risk are as follows:

  1. Antiseptic will disappear the infection risk.
  2. Old man's beard wound dressings are replacements for antiseptic.

If the player applies either antiseptic or old man's beard wound dressing, the infection risk will be 0% and the player will not get an infection.

It is very important to note that one can have multiple infection risks at once, even from the same wolf attack. Always carry at least two sets of blood loss and infection risk treatment.

Affliction[edit | edit source]

You have an infection that could kill you if left untreated.
In-game description

Infection has a chance to occur when blood loss afflictions are not fully disinfected. If the infection risk has not been eliminated, the chance of receiving the 'infection' affliction is the percentage of the 'infection risk' affliction remaining, decided within a day of the attack. Once received, the player will lose around 5% condition every hour and will notice an increase in fatigue.

  • Infection is treated by consuming either 2 x antibiotics or 1 x cup reishi tea, followed by 8 hours of cumulative sleep. If left untreated, you will die.
  • or waiting a few days.

It is very important to note that one can have multiple infections at once, even from the same wolf attack. Always carry at least two sets of infection treatment if you do not have the means to prevent it.

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