An improvised knife made of scrap metal with a cloth-wrapped handle. Not as robust or nice to look at as one made by professional, but it'll do the trick.
In-game description

Description[edit | edit source]

Similar to the hunting knife, the improvised knife is a tool used to harvest carcasses and to cut tinder plugs from cardboard boxes and cloth from pillows, towels, curtains and old bedrolls. It can also be used to retaliate during wolf attacks. The improvised knife is slightly heavier and around 25% slower than the hunting knife.

Forging is only possible at a furnace, and a heavy hammer is required. Cedar firewood is helpful and coal is required for the furnace to reach a high enough temperature for forging. Scrap metal is needed to craft.

Tool condition is reduced around 3% each use.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

An improvised knife is also required (and more efficient than the hatchet or improvised hatchet, but less than hunting knife) to craft the following items at a work bench:

Cooking Can openerCooking potRecycled can
Fire Starting
Starter FirestrikerMagnifying lens
Accelerant AccelerantJerry canLantern fuel
Ice Fishing Fishing tackleHookLine
Hand Tools
Standard HacksawHatchetHeavy hammerHunting knifePrybar
Improvised Improvised hatchetImprovised knife
Weapon Distress pistolHunting rifleRevolverSurvival bowStone
Ammunition Flare shellRevolver ammunitionRifle ammunitionSimple arrow
Lighting FlareFlashlightMarine flareStorm lanternTorch
Mending Quality toolsRifle cleaning kitSewing kitSimple toolsWhetstone
Sleep Bear skin bedrollBedroll
Story Jeremiah's knifeScrap metal shard
Other CharcoalMountaineering ropeSnareSpray Paint
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