An old .303 calibre bolt-action hunting rifle. Will bring a deer down. Maybe a wolf.
In-game description

The hunting rifle is a bolt-action weapon with an internal magazine capacity of 10 rounds that can be used to scare away or kill wildlife. When hitting a target, it provides experience in the Rifle firearm skill.

Overview Edit

The hunting rifle is the first firearm be added to the game and one of two a player may find throughout the regions of Great Bear Island. It is the heaviest ranged weapon a player can have in their inventory. However, the bullets are lighter than arrows. While the rifle can inflict a critical hit to targets, the weapon and the bullets themselves are scarce and cannot be crafted, unlike the bow and arrows. The rifle's condition will degrade after a shot, requiring regular cleaning.

Mechanics Edit

Loading Edit

When found, the rifle is always empty and so it will need to be loaded with rifle ammunition. The rifle holds a maximum of 10 rounds at a time, and can be loaded with 5 round stripper clips; rounds will be loaded individually if there are 6 or more rounds in the magazine. Loading will continue until interrupted by clicking or canceling, or the magazine is fully loaded.

Aiming Edit

Depending on the player's rifle skill and condition, when aimed, the rifle will sway or shudder slightly, affecting the player's ability to aim. The sway increases if the player's need meters are low (e.g., if the player is tired).

Jamming Edit

Low condition weapons have a chance to improperly load the next cartridge. Attempting to fire will result in a misfire. To clear the jam, the bolt must be cycled again manually by pressing the reload button/key. Doing so will eject the unspent cartridge onto the ground near the player, from where it can be picked up and used again. Unloading and reloading the rifle will also clear the jam, but without dropping any ammo.

Cleaning Edit

Main article: Cleaning

Hunting rifles can be cleaned with a firearm cleaning kit to prevent jamming and improve accuracy.

Cleaning a rifle consumes 5% condition from the rifle cleaning kit and restores some condition to the hunting rifle, based on the player's skill level. Each rifle cleaning kit can be used up to 20 times for repairing hunting rifles.

Degrading Edit

In Survival mode, the hunting rifle degrades 1.333% for each shot taken. When the rifle is at full condition, 75 shots can be taken before it degrades to broken. The hunting rifle can be cleaned to restore condition and increase the number of total shots that can be taken.

If the player obtains a level 5 Rifle Firearm skill, the hunting rifle degrades 0.666% for each shot taken. When the rifle is at full condition, 150 shots can be taken before it degrades to broken.

In Story mode, the hunting rifle degrades 0.666% for each shot taken. When the rifle is at full condition, 150 shots can be taken before it degrades to broken. The hunting rifle can be cleaned to restore condition and increase the number of total shots that can be taken.

The player cannot increase or decrease the degradation rate of the hunting rifle in Story mode, even through extensive training or practice.

Hunting Edit

Main article: Hunting

The hunting rifle is an aimable tool used to fire rifle rounds at targets. The high velocity rounds travel in a straight line and can cause massive internal injuries to the first object they encounter, potentially killing animals instantly. If the round fails to cause internal injuries sufficient enough to kill instantly, the round will still result a bleeding wound that will kill the animal eventually.

The rifle has a maximum range of approximately 50 paces. Targets beyond the maximum range cannot be hit. Hitting a fleshy target will produce a blood spray effect.

Bleed out time Edit

Wildlife take a specific amount of time to bleed out, as follows:

Zone Hit Bear Deer Wolf
Head 60 minutes Instant Instant
Chest 240 minutes 45 minutes Instant
Hind 360 minutes 60 minutes 60 minutes
Foot 480 minutes 240 minutes 120 minutes

Locations Edit

As with other items, the hunting rifle will randomly spawn in different locations on different play-throughs. However, each major map is guaranteed to have at least one rifle spawn in it.

Some observed spawn points include:

Mystery LakeEdit

Location Note
Carter Hydro Dam Underneath a staircase
Train Bridge Next to a burned out campfire, sat against the wall.
Camp Office On the lake trail behind the camp office, next to a frozen corpse.
Trapper's Homestead On a gun rack mounted on the wall above the safe.
Lone Lake Cabin Outside, behind the cabin, beside a corpse.
Derailment In the train-car sat against the wall.
Forestry Lookout In gun rack.
Destroyed Lookout Next to a frozen corpse.
Prepper cache Only the hunting supplies cache.
Max's Last Stand Next to a frozen corpse

Coastal HighwayEdit

Pleasant ValleyEdit

Desolation PointEdit

  • Broken Bridge: Inside cave, at the high lookout point. (guaranteed)
  • Hibernia Processing: Either in elevated hideout reached through the pipe under rowboat or behind some crates that must be destroyed first or under bunk beds. (guaranteed)
  • Stone Church: Propped against a wall.

Timberwolf MountainEdit

  • Next to a corpse.
  • Inside a cargo container mostly containing ammunition.

Mountain Town Edit

Forlorn Muskeg Edit

Broken Railroad Edit

Notes Edit

  • The rifle can't be used with a sprained wrist.
  • Bullets are more likely to cause a critical wound than arrows.
  • Shooting a deer or wolf in their critical zones at close range has a high chance to kill the animal instantly.
  • Bullets cause less bleeding than an arrow, creating additional bleed-out time.
  • Firing the rifle indoors will cause temporary deafness.
  • The rifle is dropped during a struggle with a bear.

Trivia Edit

  • The hunting rifle has a full wooden furniture, a feature common in World War Two and earlier combat rifles. The full stock makes the rifle very heavy, which consumes a significant portion of the player's limited carrying capacity.
  • The rifle appears to be heavily based on Lee-Enfield bolt action rifle, which was Britain's standard issue rifle until the 1960s.
  • The rifle seen in the game appears to have a Mauser 98 action and sporter stock chambered in .303 and with Lee-Enfield sights (though it is missing the front sight protector) and ten round magazine from the Enfield.
  • The jams featured in the game appears to be caused by rim-lock, which is where the rims on two cartridges snag and cause loading problems. This is supported by the fact that .303 is a rimmed round, Lee Enfields have trouble with rim-lock, and single loading prevents this issue from occurring.

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