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Good quality knife with a stainless steel blade and wooden handle.
In-game description

The Hunting Knife is a tool in The Long Dark for butchering, crafting and self defense.


The hunting knife has a number of uses: harvesting gut, hide and meat from animal carcasses, as well as cloth and tinder plugs. It may also serve as a makeshift can opener to avoid spillage, or to break through iced-over fishing holes for ice fishing.

  • May be used to harvest frozen carcasses.
  • Knives are faster harvesting carcasses 50% frozen or less, as well as guts and hides. Hatchets are faster harvesting carcasses 51-100% frozen.
  • May be selected to defend oneself during wolf struggles.
  • May be used for crafting Arrow Shafts.
  • Unlike blunt tools, bladed tools like the hunting knife suffer increased condition loss when breaking fishing hut ice.

A hunting knife is required for some work bench crafting (and faster than the hatchet or improvised tools). These items are:


Hunting Knives may be found in all regions, usually near frozen corpses or structures. They may also be found inside structures atop/beneath furniture or in drawers.

In Interloper mode hunting knives will never spawn; requiring forging to create an improvised knife.


The hunting knife can be repaired using a whetstone and the bladed tool maintenance skill, restoring 3% condition to the hunting knife and for 5% condition damage to the whetstone.

The milling machine in Bleak Inlet may repair a non-ruined hunting knife to 100% condition for one scrap metal, during an active Aurora.

Game history[]

  • Version 0.136 on 2 October 2014 introduced the ability to harvest using the hunting knife and hatchet, among other changes.