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Hunger is one of the four essential needs. Hunger is a measure of how many calories the player consumes and expends. The player's hunger is restored by consuming calories, which come in the form of foods and drinks. The player will begin to lose condition when their hunger is completely depleted.

Hunger bar / Calorie store[edit | edit source]

Hunger on the Survival page is represented twice. Graphically as a bar (like the other needs) and also as 'Calorie Store', an exact quantity of internal calories. The two are directly linked and are not distinct variables. Maximum calories are 2500, minimum is 0, corresponding to a full and empty hunger bar respectively. Hunger is the inverse of what the hunger bar displays; the character is hungriest when the bar is depleted and least hungry when the bar is full. Above the bar is a descriptor that changes as the bar fills to describe the current state of hunger. Its five possible states are Starving ↔ Ravenous ↔ Hungry ↔ Peckish ↔ Full. A red outline of an empty stomach appears on the HUD when Ravenous or Starving.

Calorie usage[edit | edit source]

Calories are burned constantly, at a rate dependent on activity level. This can range from 200 per hour for strenuous work to 60 per hour while sleeping (Stalker difficulty. Having zero calories (starving) does not prevent work from being done.

Eating and Drinking[edit | edit source]

Eating is done through either the radial menu or the inventory page. All Foods and drinks except water offer some calories when consumed. When consuming a food that would result in hunger being satisfied more than the limit of 2500 calories, that food will be only partially consumed. The remainder will stay in the inventory with appropriately reduced calorie and weight attributes. Eating can be manually interrupted by pressing the escape key.

Affecting condition[edit | edit source]

When no more calories are in the calorie store, condition drains at a rate of 1% each hour. Dying of starvation will, therefore, take a little while, and will require four game days if starting from 100% condition. Living without eating food every day is a game strategy known as Hibernation.

Affecting fatigue[edit | edit source]

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A player that remains starving for a long enough time will start to have their fatigue affected; the maximal amount of energy that the player will be able to acquire through sleep will start to decrease, which is represented by the red color that starts filling up the inside of the fatigue bar, as well as by the yellow exclamation mark that appears next to the eye icon, symbolizing the fatigue bar. This issue is easily solved by consuming food, the red color won't vanish immediately, but the player will be allowed to gain full energy from sleep right away.

Character quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I need food."
  • "All I can think about is food!"
  • "I could eat a horse."
  • "Can you eat trees?"
  • "I'll die if I don't find food soon."
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