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Hot is an attribute that is granted to some foods immediately upon finishing cooking over a fire. Hot status is short-lived, wearing off after 15 game minutes indoors or 5 game minutes outdoors.


Since update 1.33 "Vigilant Flame" and a cooking rework, its possible to warm up food and drinks without cooking, just by placing them around the fire. This way you can warm up multiple items at once.


Consuming items while hot grants additional benefits to Warmth. Unknown if partial consumption of food grants only partial benefit or whole.

Warmth bar with "+" symbol after eating hot food

  • 20% of the warmth bar will fill immediately.
  • Additionally a green plus sign ('+') will appear next to the warmth bar and the 'Warming Up' affliction will appear. This affliction helps the character to stay warm for a brief time.

Hot Drinks[]

Drinks that are crafted (or brewed) using a fire will be hot immediately after crafting. They may be reheated once they turn cold. Doing so requires only 5 minutes time on a fire; less time than it took to craft. Examples of hot drinks:

Hot Foods[]

Some canned foods may be heated as well. They require the can be opened before heating and may be reheated whenever they again turn cold. Examples of hot foods:


  • Items that can be heated but are now cold are noted so in their description on the inventory page with the word 'cold' above their title. Items that cannot be heated do not have this distinction.