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Sentenced to 20 years at the notorious Blackrock Penitentiary, Great Bear Island was the end of the road for the unsavory convict, and he knew it. A cowardly man, Hobbs loved chaos. And even with a knife in his belly, he was still stirring up trouble.
- Journal knowledge

Hobbs is a minor character appearing in the REDUX version of Wintermute Episode 1. He can be found in the Paradise Meadows Farm, near the town of Milton.


Hobbs is one of the Convicts, a felon on his way to Blackrock Federal Penitentiary to serve a twenty-year sentence. The First Flare struck during transit, and he and at least two other inmates fled the prison bus when it crashed outside Milton, causing the tunnel to collapse. With his fellow inmates, Hobbs took the remaining citizens of Milton hostage in the Old Schoolhouse before it caught fire due to the adverse electrical effects of the Aurora, inadvertently killing those inside. Astrid tried to rescue people trapped the blaze, but Hobbs intervened, resulting in her stabbing him with a hunting knife in self defense. Hobbs may be directly responsible for the the cuts seen on Astrid's hand and wrist in Episode 3, which presumably occurred during this altercation, judging from his statement "We barely clipped her wings... well she was bleeding... a bit." badly wounded, he fled town and took refuge at Paradise Meadows Farm, taking with him a lock box he stole from Grey Mother.

Episode 1: Do Not Go Gentle[]

When first entering the farmhouse, Will Mackenzie finds Hobbs on the couch with a knife in his belly. Hobbs tells him what happened and asks for the knife to be removed: granting the choice of killing him by pushing the knife deeper, or saving his life by removing the knife. Based on the decision, Methuselah will have unique dialogue options later in the episode, Upset if he is killed or grateful if he is spared. WARNING: No matter what option is chosen you will not get to keep the knife so adjust your choice accordingly.


  • Removing the knife from Hobbs' wound is the 'humane' option in-game, but realistically this would likely be as bad, if not worse than pushing the blade deeper. Blood loss from such a wound would be sealed by the knife itself; removing the knife would expose the wound, likely causing extensive bleeding and risk of death if left untreated. Ironically, such an injury should be dealt with by a doctor such as Astrid, not Will.
  • Hobbs' knife removal is similar to the start of Episode 1, where Will removes the metal shard from his hand. Being an extremity and not an abdomen wound, the bleeding would be more manageable.
  • It is widely misunderstood that Hobbs and the other prisoners are arsonists, perpetuated by the fact that he initially takes credit for the deaths of Milton residents in the schoolhouse fire: "We sure warmed them up!". However, Hobbs later states, "We put them all in the old schoolhouse so we could keep an eye on them. And then something happened to the lights... the power... it was like sparks everywhere and then fire." This is consistent with the effects of the Aurora, which sometimes causes electrical fires, as evidenced in trailers showing burning power lines and various burned buildings throughout Great Bear that were never reached by the convicts.