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Sentenced to 20 years at the notorious Blackrock Penitentiary, Great Bear Island was the end of the road for the unsavory convict, and he knew it. A cowardly man, Hobbs loved chaos. And even with a knife in his belly, he was still stirring up trouble.
-Journal knowledge

Hobbs is a minor character appearing in the REDUX version of Wintermute Episode 1. He can be found in the Paradise Meadows Farm, near the town of Milton.

History[edit | edit source]

Hobbs is a convicted felon that was on his way to Blackrock Federal Penitentiary to serve a twenty-year sentence for an unspecified crime. However, when the First Flare struck, he and at least two other inmates escaped the prison bus when it crashed into the tunnel outside Milton, causing the tunnel to collapse. Together with his fellow inmates, Hobbs rounded up the remaining citizens of Milton and took them hostage in the Old Schoolhouse, before setting the schoolhouse on fire and killing everyone inside. A woman, most likely Astrid, unsuccessfully tried to get the people out, and stabbed Hobbs in the chest. Badly wounded, he fled the town and took refuge at Paradise Meadows Farm.

Episode 1: Do Not Go Gentle[edit | edit source]

When entering the farmhouse for the first time, Will Mackenzie finds Hobbs sitting on a couch with a knife in his chest. Hobbs tells him what happened to him and wants the player to take the knife out of his chest. The player can decide between killing him and pushing the knife deeper, or saving him and getting the knife out. If the player decides to kill Hobbs, it changes a dialogue option with Methuselah in the future.

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