A small one-handed axe. Good for splitting wood. Can be used to hack meat in a pinch.
In-game description

Harvesting Firewood Edit

The hatchet can be used to harvest sticks from branches and some scrub brush, cedar firewood from cedar limbs, and fir firewood from fir limbs. It can also be used to break down many wooden objects such as shelves and crates into reclaimed wood. Hatchets can also allow the player to cut down maple and birch saplings without a hacksaw.

Harvesting Animals Edit

The hatchet can be used to harvest animal carcasses. The hunting knife is usually the most effective at this, but sometimes the hatchet is more effective. When the animal corpse is 100% frozen harvesting meat with the hatchet is faster.

Repair Edit

The hatchet can currently only be repaired using a whetstone as part of the bladed tool maintenance gameplay mechanic and requires no material input. However the whetstone itself cannot be repaired and loses 5% condition per repair (for a total of 20 uses), compared to 3% or so of hatchet condition restored. It is not a permanent solution and at some point a hand-made alternative will be needed.

Combat Edit

The hatchet cannot be manually ‘equipped’ as a weapon like the bow or rifle, it cannot be used as a weapon outside of a scripted event. Similar to when it is used in other activities, the hatchet will lose condition if it is used in a struggle.

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