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A small one-handed axe. Good for splitting wood. Can be used to hack meat in a pinch.
In-game description

The Hatchet is a tool in The Long Dark, primarily for woodcutting and self defense.


The hatchet can be used to harvest sticks from branches and some scrub brush, cedar firewood from cedar limbs, and fir firewood from fir limbs. It can also be used to break down many wooden objects such as shelves and crates into reclaimed wood. Hatchets can also allow the player to cut down maple and birch saplings without a hacksaw.

  • May be used to harvest frozen carcasses.
  • Knives are faster harvesting carcasses 50% frozen or less, as well as guts and hides. Hatchets are faster harvesting carcasses 51-100% frozen.
  • May be selected to defend oneself during wolf struggles.
  • May be used for crafting Arrow Shafts.
  • Unlike blunt tools, bladed tools like the hatchet suffer increased condition loss when breaking fishing hut ice.
  • For the Whiteout challenge's objective, an improvised hatch may substitute the requirement of a hatchet.


Hatchets may be found in all regions, usually near frozen corpses or structures.

In Interloper mode hatchets will never spawn; requiring forging to create an improvised hatchet.


Hatchets may be repaired using a whetstone and the bladed tool maintenance skill, restoring 3% condition to the hatchet and causing 5% condition damage to the whetstone.

The milling machine in Bleak Inlet may repair a non-ruined hatchet to 100% condition for one scrap metal, during an active Aurora.


  • The Hatchet features prominently in most official The Long Dark media, and serves as the game's icon and logo.
  • Unlike hand axes, hatchets feature a hammerhead on their back; despite this, the hatchet is never used for this purpose in-game, even suffering a condition penalty when used to break ice for being a 'sharp tool'.