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Heavy-duty saw made to cut through metal.
In-game description

The hacksaw is a tool with several critical functions, including harvesting saplings and furniture made of a variety of materials. Scrap metal is required to repair it.


The hacksaw is the only tool able to break down metal shelves and other metal items to obtain scrap metal. It is required to open cargo containers on Timberwolf Mountain, and it can be used instead of a hatchet to cut small tree limbs (a hatchet must be used for the largest limbs) and saplings. It also can be used to harvest carcasses for meat, hides, or guts, although it may be more efficient to use bare hands or other tools. It cannot be used as a weapon in struggles.

One scrap metal and a set of simple tools or quality tools are needed to repair the hacksaw. Although it requires a tool set for repair (which are reasonably common), the hacksaw is a reliable way to harvest firewood without relying on hatchets and whetstones, which can be in limited supply, or an improvised hatchet, which requires a forge to craft.

Spawn points[]

As with other items, the hacksaw will randomly spawn in any of several different locations on different play-throughs.

Some observed spawn points include:

Mystery Lake

Desolation Point

Abandoned Mine No. 3

Coastal Highway

Timberwolf Mountain

Forlorn Muskeg

Broken Railroad

Pleasant Valley

Mountain Town

Bleak Inlet

Ash Canyon


Keeper's pass south

It can be found on top of the workbench inside the mirthless fork trailer.