Gut is an animal-based material that can be harvested from animal carcasses and cured.

Fresh gut Edit

Freshly harvested gut. Can be used for crafting and repair after air-drying indoors for 5 days.
In-game description
Fresh gut can be harvested from the carcasses of moose, and wolves, rabbits, bears, and deer. Rabbit carcasses have 1 gut, wolf and deer carcasses have 2 guts, bear carcasses have 10 guts, and moose carcasses have 12 guts. Fresh guts can also be used as a decoy to distract predators.

Once harvested, gut can be cured by letting it air-dry indoors for 5 days. Fresh guts have limited usefulness outside of distracting wild animals, the guts will also decay over time. Additionally, only cured guts can be used in crafting clothing. Dropping the guts on the floor while indoors (or inside some caves) will begin the curing process. Looking at the guts (i.e., hovering the mouse reticule over them from up close) will display the percentage of time remaining until the curing process is complete.

Cured gut Edit

Gut that has been cured. Can be used for crafting and repair.
In-game description
Cured gut is required to craft or repair many items such as line, snares, and animal skin clothing.
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