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Gunsmithing is a Survival Skill that enables the player to craft ammunition for the Revolver and Hunting Rifle.


The Gunsmithing skill allows the crafting of Rifle Ammunition and Revolver Ammunition, but may only be utilized at the Ammunition Workbench inside the Cannery Pier of Bleak Inlet. It also allows the disassembly of ammunition into their base components, which may be done anywhere.

Skill in Gunsmithing is increased by reading the research book "Practical Gunsmithing", crafting Can of Gunpowder, Bullets, Revolver Ammunition and Rifle Ammunition. Ammunition crafted below maximum Gunsmithing (level 5) has a chance to misfire, ruining the round and not firing a bullet when used.

At the Ammunition Workbench, three ingredients are needed to craft ammunition:

  1. Revolver Shell Casing or rifle shell casing: picked off the ground after firing the Hunting Rifle or reloading the Revolver, and occasionally as loot (usually on the ground at Hunter's Blinds).
  2. Can of Gunpowder: crafted from one Stump Remover, Dusting Sulfur and two Charcoal (producing 0.5kg of Gunpowder), or found rarely as loot. 0.01kg of gunpowder is required per round, so one Can of Gunpowder can produce 50 rounds.
  3. Bullet: crafted from Scrap Lead harvested from Car Batteries with a Hacksaw. One Car Battery contains 6 Scrap Lead, and each Scrap Lead can be made into 6 Bullet, so one Car Battery can produce 36 rounds.

Gunsmithing Skill[]

Level Skill points Effects
1 0
  • Crafted ammunition condition is 20%
  • 50% chance of ammunition component harvesting
2 15
  • Crafted ammunition condition is 40%
  • 60% chance of ammunition component harvesting
3 30
  • Crafted ammunition condition is 60%
  • 70% chance of ammunition component harvesting
4 50
  • Crafted ammunition condition is 80%
  • 80% chance of ammunition component harvesting
5 100
  • Crafted ammunition condition is 100%
  • 100% chance of ammunition component harvesting

Checked using version 1.69.


  1. To craft bullets, you need to have the Ammunition Work Bench's forge active. While active, you can craft Bullets in sets of 6 in one hour. Each set of 6 crafted awards 1 skill point.
  2. When crafting Gunpowder, it takes 30 minutes, but the forge does not need to be active to craft. Each container of gunpowder crafted awards 1 skill point.
  3. Crafted ammunition takes just 5 minutes per cartridge. Each individual bullet (of either type) awards 1 skill point when crafted.


  • It's possible to increase Gunsmithing skill to 5 before crafting any actual ammunition by reading enough Research Books and crafting Bullets (or Gunpowder). Players can avoid ever crafting ammo capable of misfiring.
  • Ammunition misfiring and the Hunting Rifle jamming are different mechanics: ammunition misfires are caused by low quality crafted ammunition; Hunting Rifle jams are caused by the firearm itself having low condition, and require reloading (default R) to eject the jammed round.
  • Revolver Ammunition can be disassembled and reassembled into Rifle Ammunition at a 1:1 ratio with Gunsmithing Skill 5; or vice versa to take advantage of the Revolver's lighter weight (1.5kg VS 4.0kg) and utility in Wolf Struggles, or the Hunting Rifle's increased stopping power.
    • Because of this, it is possible (though tedious) to craft to level 5, disassemble all lower-quality ammo one at a time, and then re-craft to make sure all ammo is at the highest quality.
  • In Interloper difficulty Car Batteries, Scrap Lead and crafted Bullets are useless since no Hunting Rifle or Revolver will ever spawn. However, Gunpowder (and in turn, Dusting Sulfur and Stump Remover) can still be used as a Fire Accelerant (though finite and rarer than Lantern Fuel).
  • Gunsmithing is the fastest skill to level up, as long as you have the materials to craft bullets. Each bullet crafted (of either type) grants one skill point, and takes only 5 in game minutes to craft. You can craft as many as 24 bullets in only 2 in game hours, resulting in 24 skill points, or about 1/4 of all the skill points you need to get to level 5. Of course, the ammunition you will receive will not be full quality until you reach level 5.