Gunsmithing is a survival skill that enables the player to craft more ammunition for the Revolver and Rifle.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Gunsmithing skill is utilized at the Ammunition Workbench in the Bleak Inlet Cannery Pier when the player crafts new ammunition.

Skill in Gunsmithing can be increased by reading a research book Practical Gunsmithing, (10 points for 5 hours reading), crafting Cans of Gunpowder, Bullets, Revolver ammunition and Rifle Ammunition. As Gunsmithing skill increases so does the condition of crafted ammunition, with crafted ammunition below Skill 5 having a chance to misfire (ruining the round and not firing when used) (i.e. "Skill 1 (Beginner)" ammo has a 20% to fire and 80% chance to misfire).

Because of this misfire chance and the scarcity/finite nature of Gunpowder and Car Batteries, it is best to not craft Ammunition until Skill 5 with Gunsmithing, and to instead craft Bullets and Cans of Gunpowder and read research book Practical Gunsmithing.

The skill also allows you to harvest existing ammunition. This may be useful if the player desires to change one type of ammunition to another, i.e. revolver ammunition to rifle ammunition.

There are three ingredients which are needed to craft ammunition:

  1. Revolver shell casing or rifle shell casing, which can be picked up off the ground after firing the Hunting Rifle or reloading the Revolver and occasionally found as random loot (usually around Hunter's Blinds.
  2. Can of Gunpowder, which is produced by combining Stump Remover, Dusting Sulfur, and two Charcoal (producing 0.5kg of Gunpowder). 0.01kg of Gunpowder is required per round, so one Can of Gunpowder can produce 50 rounds.
  3. Bullet, which is made from Scrap Lead harvested from Car Batteries with a Hacksaw. One Car Battery contains 6 Scrap Lead, and each Scrap Lead can be made into 6 Bullet: so each Car Battery can produce 36 rounds.

Gunsmithing Skill[edit | edit source]

Level Skill points Effects
1 0
  • Crafted ammunition condition is 20%
  • 50% chance of ammunition component harvesting
2 15
  • Crafted ammunition condition is 40%
  • 60% chance of ammunition component harvesting
3 30
  • Crafted ammunition condition is 60%
  • 70% chance of ammunition component harvesting
4 50
  • Crafted ammunition condition is 80%
  • 80% chance of ammunition component harvesting
5 100
  • Crafted ammunition condition is 100%
  • 100% chance of ammunition component harvesting

Checked using version 1.69.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • It is possible to improve one's Gunsmithing skill to 5 prior to crafting/disassembling ammunition (ensuring all crafted ammunition is 100% condition with a 0% chance to misfire), by reading Skill Books, and crafting Cans of Gunpowder and Bullets.
  • Ammunition misfiring and the Hunting Rifle jamming are different mechanics: Ammunition misfires are caused by using low condition Ammunition (crafted Ammunition, made before Skill 5 (Master)); Hunting Rifle jams are caused by the firearm itself having low condition, and require hitting "R" (Reload, or Unloading in the Inventory) to resolve and do not destroy the round.


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