Grey Mother is a character appearing in Episode 1 of The Long Dark's Story Mode. She is the first NPC that Will Mackenzie encounters in the Story Mode, and the only remaining resident in the town of Milton.

History Edit

Years before the events of The Long Dark, Grey Mother was married to a farmer named Martin Barker. Together they had a daughter named Lilith. Tragedy struck when Lilith died in a climbing accident, and Grey Mother blamed her death on Martin, driving a wedge between them and causing them to live in separate homes. Things only got worse when the quakes devastated the island, and Grey Mother eventually became a recluse, abandoning the name of Barker and developing a reputation as a senile old blind lady.

When the First Flare struck, she remained in her Milton home after the surviving residents abandoned the town.

Wintermute Edit

Episode 1: Do Not Go Gentle Edit

Grey Mother is first seen sleeping in a chair in front of her fireplace with a rifle. When Will Mackenzie tries to wake her up, she fires a warning shot. After a brief but tense standoff, the two have a conversation. Grey Mother makes it clear that she does not trust Will due to him being a "mainlander", but he begins to gain her trust after he gathers enough food and firewood for her to last the winter.

The two of them make a deal: Grey Mother will tell him all she knows about the whereabouts of Dr. Astrid Greenwood in exchange for a few favors. One of these favors includes scouting the main tunnel through the mountains outside Milton, the only way out of town besides climbing. When Will informs Grey Mother that the tunnel has collapsed, she is distraught, knowing that she is effectively trapped in Milton with no hope of rescue. As a result, she asks Will for one more favor: retrieve Lilith Barker's necklace from a safety deposit box at the bank and place it on her grave outside of town. After Will does this, Grey Mother tells him all she knows about Astrid. She also reveals that Lilith was her daughter and that she was once married to Martin Barker, the deceased farmer whose safety deposit box contained Lilith's necklace. She gives Will some old climbing gear that once belonged to Lilith, in order for him to make his way out of Milton. After Will leaves Milton, she is not seen again.

Trust Edit

The trust system has been removed from the game in the December 2018 "REDUX" patch (V1.41). The following is only useful for the "PREDUX" version of Wintermute.

Grey Mother can reveal further information by increasing her trust - either through completing the main story or through gifting her items. Raising trust does not progress the storyline.

Needs Edit

Grey Mother has need of six different items. These are referred to in-game as current needs, but they do not change.

Current Needs
Item Trust earned
Stick +1
Reishi Mushroom +3
Bandage +5
Military-Grade MRE +10
Can Opener +25
Rabbit Pelt (Fresh or Cured) +50

Trust level Edit

The below table details the rewards unlocked at each level. Once unlocked, you must speak to Grey Mother through the Trust conversation menu.

Required Trust Title Description Notes
25 Knowledge: Milton History Worlbuilding [sic] information about the history of Milton. Gives you journal knowledge entitled Town of Milton.
50 Gameplay Tip: Sharpening Gameplay tip about how to maintain Bladed tools. Also gives you a Whetstone.
75 Knowledge: The Collapse Worldbuilding information about the Collapse. Gives you Knowledge: History of the Collapse, Part One.
125 Cache Location The location of a Supply Cache, updated on your Map. The Supply Cache is in the Millers' back garden in Milton and contains "goods they smuggled in from the Mainland".
175 Side Mission: Distress Pistol Information about where you might find a Distress Pistol. Directs you to former Coast Guard Henry McDermott's house, in which the pistol is hidden.
225 Blueprints: Rabbit Skin Mittens Unlocks the Crafting Blueprint for Rabbit Skin Mittens. Unlocks blueprints for Rabbitskin Mitts.
300 Knowledge: Perseverance Mills Worldbuilding information about Perseverence [sic] Mills. Once unlocked, this is titled 'Great Bear' in the conversation menu and actually gives you Knowledge: History of the Collapse, Part Two.
375 Item: Mountaineering boots Grey Mother gives you with Mountaineering Boots. You receive Mountaineering boots - these have identical statistics to Mukluks, but only weigh 1kg.

Note: Several spelling errors are found in the in-game text (as of v.1.08) and are included above.

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