The game menu icons, with the Status screen selected.

The Game Menu is the primary menu within The Long Dark and is used to display your current condition, clothing, items, crafting, Journal and map. The menu is displayed across the entire screen, but the game does not pause while it is open.

With standard key bindings on PC, there are several ways to open the game menu. From the Radial Menu, clicking the central icon will take you to the Status screen. Otherwise, pressing C will open the Clothing screen, I will open the Backpack, J will open the Journal and M will open the Map.

Status[edit | edit source]

The Status screen displays your current condition, any injuries or illnesses you have, the weather and the time of day.

Along the left you can see your temperature, stamina, thirst and hunger meters, as well as your current stored calories. In the bottom left of the screen, the current air temperature and windchill are displayed, as well as what temperature it feels like to you. In the centre of the screen you will see any afflictions you currently have, as well as your health condition. The time of day graphic is displayed in the top right of the screen.

Clothing[edit | edit source]

The Clothing screen allows you to see what clothes you are currently wearing on each part of your body, as well as to compare and select other clothes items you are carrying. The bottom left of the screen shows you the bonuses from your current set of clothing, while the right of the screen shows you the statistics of the selected item.

Backpack[edit | edit source]

The Backpack displays you all the items you currently have. You can view All items at once, or you can view them by category: Fire Starting, First Aid, Clothing, Food and Drink, Tool or Material. Some items will be displayed in more than one category. Items can be sorted alphabetically, by condition, or by weight.

The total weight of your backpack (as well as your maximum comfortable weight) is displayed in the top left of the screen.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

The Crafting screen shows you the current blueprints you have for crafting items and allows you to craft items.

There are three sections for items which you can craft anywhere, items which must be crafted at a workbench (and often require an item such as a sewing kit or knife to craft), and items which must be crafted at a Forge (and require a Heavy Hammer

Journal[edit | edit source]

Story[edit | edit source]

In story mode, the Journal is divided into five subsections, which can be selected by clicking on the corresponding icon on the left of the screen: Missions, Trust, What I Know, Collectibles and General Notes.

'Missions' displays Main and Side missions which you have been given. Trust shows you the character who you are currently attempting to gain the trust of, and has two separate sections 'Description' and 'Trust' which respectively display the current needs and the trust rewards of the character. 'What I Know' is divided into separate sections for People, Places, Things and Actions, but currently only Places and Actions are implemented (and can be viewed by clicking the 'Select' button at the bottom right of the screen). 'Places' displays worldbuilding knowledge you have gained, while 'Actions' displays gameplay knowledge. Collectibles shows the collectible items you have found during your playthrough, and 'General Notes' gives you a notepad to type any notes you want to make whilst playing.

Survival mode[edit | edit source]

In Survival mode, the Journal is divided into five subsections which can be selected by clicking on the corresponding icon on the left of the screen: Logs, Skills, Collections, General Notes and Stats.

The 'Log' displays a Daily Log of your playthrough, with a list of locations you discovered and statistics about your condition.

'Skills' displays your Skill knowledge in seven different skill areas: Carcass Harvesting, Cooking, Fire Starting, Ice Fishing, Rifle Firearm, Archery and Mending. Clicking on a skill area will display a description of your current level, as well as a list of any bonuses you have from that level.

'Collections' displays any Collectibles you have found, and is divided into two sections 'Notes' and 'Cairns', where you can view your collected items.

'General Notes' gives you a notepad to type any notes you want to make whilst playing, and 'Stats' displays information about your current playthrough, compared to all of your playthoughs

Map[edit | edit source]

The Map displays the current map you are on, as well as any other maps you have found or made. You can view any other maps you have by clicking the arrows under the region name in the top right corner.

In Survival mode, players must draw the map themselves using Charcoal. Text in the top left corner of the screen tells you how long ago you last updated the map (in in-game time). A 'World' button at the bottom right of the screen allows you to switch from the region map to a map of Great Bear Island.

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