A powerful flare. Loud enough to scare wildlife.
In-game description

Flares are a consumable light source and firestarter, in The Long Dark; they can also thrown to scare Wolves, Deer, and Rabbit.

Once lit flares burn for 1 hour of in-game (5 real-time minutes), however they are inflexible with use and cannot be un-lit once started (unlike the Storm lantern or Torch). Flares can be lit in strong winds and blizzards, unlike Torches and will not be snuffed out by them. After being lit and depleted a Marine Flare will become "Ruined" and have no further use, but will still weight 0.25kg.

  • To light a Fire with a Flare, it must first be lit; then the Flare will appear as a "Starter" option in the fire menu.
  • Throwing a lit Flare at the ground between the player and a stalking Wolf may cause it to flee.
  • Throwing a lit Flare directly at a Wolf will generally not scare them; ideally the flare will land just in front of the Wolf's forelegs.
  • Unlike the louder, brighter and blue Marine Flares, a thrown red Flare will not scare away a Timberwolf or reduce the pack's morale.
  • Flares are more likely to scare Wolves when a thrown than a Torch, and are as effective as a thrown Marine Flare, but less effective than a shot from a Hunting Rifle, Revolver, or Distress Pistol.
  • If a Wolf is already charging into an attack, it will not be intimidated by a thrown Flare.

Additionally, Wolves and Timberwolves will not approach further than 15 meters to a lit Flare (the same as Marine Flares, Flare Shells, and Fires) as long as they remain burning, though they may simply walk around them to attack the player or Crash Survivor, or wait at the fire's edge until it burns out.

  • Approaching too close to a Wolf or Timberwolf with a lit Flare will still result in an attack, but first the animal will stop and assume a "stand ground" posture (forelegs spread, ears back and growling).
  • Flares and Marine Flares are most effective at passive deterrence if constantly walking or Sprinting from predator, with the flare lit.

Thrown Flares can be picked up even while burning, this makes them an effective tool against multiple Wolves (as long as the flare can be retrieved) but ineffective against Timberwolves. Flares can even be picked up after they are burned out, though they serve no purpose (marked in the inventory as "RUINED" and red 'X' icon) and will still contribute weight to one's inventory.

TimberwolvesBears, and Moose are not frightened by thrown Flares.

Spawn[edit | edit source]

Flares cannot be harvested, crafted, or repaired and are found uncommonly in all regions on or beside Frozen Corpses, in the trunks and glove compartments of Vehicles, or inside Structures (usually hidden beneath or between furniture).

Flares are a finite and non-renewable resource.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Flares are "Emergency Roadside Flares", a type of pyrotechnic used to designate roadside construction, traffic hazards, vehicular accidents, or vehicular distress.
  • Flares most likely red from burning strontium salts.
  • Marine Flares are used by real-world military and civilian naval craft, but their blue color follows no real-world example, and would likely burn either copper chloride or copper sulfate to achieve their color.

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