Fishing huts are a type of small structure found on frozen lakes and coasts.

Overview Edit

Fishing huts, also known as Ice Shanties, are sheds placed on a frozen lake to provide shelter during ice fishing.

All the non-transit regions except Desolation Point, Forlorn Muskeg, Mountain Town and Broken Railroad contain at least one fishing hut, but the majority of fishing huts are found in Coastal Highway and Mystery Lake.

Fishing huts have an ice fishing hole, which can be used after breaking the ice cover of it. Other furniture includes a pot belly stove, cupboard, drawer and two shelves. There is enough space to place a bedroll.

Most fishing huts lack doors, but animals, to include wolves and bears, do not enter them. Fishing huts with doors will also keep out bears and wolves when closed. However, even with the door closed, animals can still sense the player's presence, and may awaken the player if they attempt to sleep. The player can try going to sleep again, but if a hostile animal is still nearby, there is a chance the player will be awoken again. If the player is unexpectedly awoken by a hostile animal, the game will register this as an interrupted sleep and will not save.

Common items to find inside the hut are: fishing tackle, hook, food and some wood like cedar firewood or reclaimed wood.

Rarely, the player may find a hatchet, hunting knife, or rifle ammunition.

As the interior of fishing huts technically counts as outside, they make excellent shelters when trying for the Night Walker and Beneath a Starry Sky achievements.