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Father Thomas is the primary non-player character in Episode 3 of the Story mode. He is the priest of the church in Thomson's Crossing, and for the entirety of the episode can be found inside the Community Hall.

Soft-spoken and kind, Father Thomas is seemingly passive in most respects. However, he is the main source of quests for the primary storyline. He watches over the survivors in the Community Hall while directly or indirectly requesting Astrid's assistance to help the sick and injured.

Affable and quick to laugh, even in crisis Father Thomas is lifted by his faith rather than weighed down by it. While erudite when he needs to be, he treasures the immediate pragmatic spiritual needs of life on remote Great Bear Island—births, baptisms, and funerals, mostly. Just how and why Father Thomas came to find himself in Pleasant Valley remains a mystery. But it's clear his devotion to the tiny parish in Thomson's Crossing has helped bind the community together.
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