The Fallen Lighthouse is a crumbling version of the one in Desolation Point. It sits on the top of a hill, with frequent rabbit and deer spawns nearby. Inside the lighthouse, the player will find a six-burner stove, some possible dusting sulfur or a sewing kit, and a plastic container as well as some firewood. If the player climbs the lighthouse stairs to the top, they will find the third distress pistol kit added to the survival mode of the game.


The Fallen Lighthouse is a location in Bleak Inlet, notable for being featured as the thumbnail picture for the region in a lot of iterations. The lighthouse wouldn't serve as a good safehouse, as it isn't an enterable location (It does not present a loading screen upon entering), and it doesn't have a bed. It is conveniently positioned near the Cannery Worker Residences - a good safehouse, and its six-burner stove makes it a convenient location for efficient cooking in the region. Nearby some deer and rabbit spawns can be found, making it a good place to spend time in the region, while spending the night somewhere else.


The Fallen Lighthouse provides a good view of the player's surroundings, only bested by the radio hut on the mountain. Although the location and terrain around it would make for a good safehouse, it might be challenging for the player to make it through a night there, as the nights can get very cold and timberwolf attacks are possible. 

Aside from this, It makes a somewhat good location for a base of operations, only sleeping somewhere else might be required.


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