Episode 2

Mackenzie's search for Astrid takes him deeper into the savage wilderness. A mysterious trapper may be the key to finding Astrid. But can he be trusted?

Luminance Fugue is the second episode in the story of The Long Dark, following Episode 1: Do Not Go Gentle.

Missions Edit

The Long Dark - episode 2 trappers cabin


Chapter One - Risk of Infection Edit

  • The old trapper is badly injured after a bear attack. He needs strong antibiotics to survive. He might know something about Astrid. You'd better keep him alive.
    • Find and enter the abandoned dam.
    • Search for medical supplies that can help the old trapper.
    • Get the meds back to the trapper before he dies.

Will Mackenzie has rescued a trapper from a bear but the old man is severly injured and will die without medical supplies. With information from a map behind the door, Mackenzie sets out to find the old hydroelectric dam that is located nearby.  There are rabbits and stones near the trapper's house if additional food is needed.  Outside of the house is a container to use for storage. A short ways through the woods to the east, players will find the train tracks. Near the tunnel entrance is firewood and rose hips. The tunnel is marked on the map but isn't usable yet. Follow the tracks north then slightly east to find Mystery Lake and the Camp Office. Items to find include a key to lake cabin #3 (in a file cabinet on the main floor) and a hatchet near the stove. 

To the west of the tracks farther north is a tower that contains miscellaneous items (food, sewing kit , bear hide, etc) and a lock box that requires 'Hank's Key'. 

The Long Dark - episode 2 Carter Hydro Dam
There are multiple buildings at the dam. The first trailer to the right doesn't have too much in it. The second trailer has a key in a locker that unlocks the Carter Hydro Staging Area Gate. Players will need this to get past the fence. The main entrance to the Hydro Dam building is past the fence. Entering the building starts a cut scene. A distress pistol kit is available on a shelf. The key for the office is on a body in the bathroom. The aid station key is in a desk drawer in the office. There is also a safe here that can be unlocked by deciphering the code (random). Watch for a distress pistol case on a shelf as well.

Near the dam is a run-down logging camp that has a few supplies. If players have found and read the required notes, there may also be caches located on the map to find. These seem to only contain a few supply items.

After arriving back to the cabin, another cut scene will begin. The trapper 'Jeremiah' is (hopefully) still alive and Mackenzie gives him the meds while the trapper talks more about the bear. The player can then ask him more questions about the bear, the trapper's pain and the area. The area takes it's name from Mystery Lake nearby. A few cabins nearby but not much else. The trapper lives alone but makes his way to Rupert's Landing to trade for supplies. He states that the island is mostly abandoned with a few scattered groups left. A rare supply boat travels to the island from the mainland - the only lifeline left for the few individuals still living on Great Bear

The cut scene continues and the trapper, convinced that the Old Bear is still on the prowl, offers Mackenzie a deal. Jeremiah is convinced that Mackenzie will never make it out alive without his guidance but the trapper can't kill the bear in his current condition. When Mackenzie asks what the trapper wants in return, the old man just says "We'll talk about that". The trapper offers Mackenzie his rifle, but unfortunately it was damaged when Mackenzie used it to 'scare off' the bear earlier and needs to be repaired. He gives Mackenzie directions to a machine shop at a railway yard, a day's travel south. 

The Long Dark - episode 2 Forlorn Muskeg

Chapter Two - You Fix My Rifle? Edit

  • Jeremiah is convinced the Old Bear will be back, but his rifle broke in the first encounter, leaving you both defenceless. Do whatever you need to do to repair his rifle.
    • Find the Railway Maintenance Yard and get into the repair shed
    • Use the hand-driven milling machine to repair Jeremiah's rifle.
    • Look for more info about the Forest Talkers at the old hunting lodge.
    • Search the lodge for supplies. Something here could save your life. 
    • Get back to Jeremiah.

After finding the tracks again, head south through the railway tunnel. This will take players from Mystery Lake to Forlorn Muskeg. Continue to follow the tracks through another tunnel into Broken Railroad. Along the tracks is a derailed train. One of the cars has a burn barrel that can be used to make a fire, along with a few other items including a bedroll and a backpack. A section of it will be covered with a landslide and players will need to find a way around. Just before the blocked section is a path that goes downhill to a frozen lake with a waterfall on one end. Once across the lake look for another path going up that leads to a tree laying down between two large rock formations. Cross the tree and keep going forward. This will put the player back at the tracks on the other side of the landslide. 

Another derailed train is on the track but is not explorable. Beyond that is a pickup truck. From here, players will need to head north from the track to locate the shop.  Further down the tracks is another derailed train and a pickup. The pickup contains the Charcoal Note. This note will put the location of another stash on the map near the marsh. 

The Long Dark - episode two milling machine for rifle
Following the power lines from the track, players will come into the Maintenance Yard. There are several vehicles to look through. Inside the building is a room with a bed. The restricted area door leads to several more rooms . One room will have a corpse on the ground. Walking over it starts a cutscene. Mackenzie trips over the corpse, then finds a note on the floor that refers to "Forest Talkers". The note mentions a Lodge. Also in the same room on a counter is a pair of bolt cutters (these will be needed later), and the milling machine needed to fix the rifle. Clicking on it to update the mission. Mackenzie is still unable to use the rifle himself but will carry it as part of the mission.

The Hunting Lodge is now available on the map and is up (north?) from the Machine Shop. After leaving the shed, Mackenzie will complain about a headache (possibly from when he hit his head after tripping over the corpse) and pass out. He wakes up some time later and looks outside. Lights and a nearby computer are flickering with power as the aurora makes it's presence. The local wolves appear wary of the lights and avoid them.

Head for the Lodge, following the path across the bridge. Players will need the bolt cutters found at the Machine Shop to get through the gate. Inside the Lodge is a rifle (above the fireplace) and a rifle cleaning kit as well as the expected food and supply items. A bed is upstairs.

Outside the Lodge is a rock wall with a rope attachment point. Use the climbing rope to get down. This area includes the Hunter's Blind and a frozen pond (watch for the bear). Go around the pond and continue on to the Maintenance Yard, then follow the power lines up the hill back to the railroad tracks. Go left at the tracks and follow them. Players will need to go around the landslide again (left from the tracks and back across the tree bridge). Continue down the tracks and through the tunnel into Forlorn Muskeg. There is a bear near the derailed logging cars to watch for.

The Long Dark - episode two - survival school
Continue to follow the tracks through the next tunnel into Mystery Lake, then on to the trappers house. A cutscene will begin after entering the house. The trapper is better and appreciates the rifle getting fixed. Mackenzie wants to leave but Jeremiah won't let him leave without teaching him survival skills. Mackenzie objects but Jeremiah isn't backing down and still wants something in return. The player will need to learn skills and have the choices of Fishing. Clothing, and Hunting. The player will need to complete the tasks and supply items to earn Jeremiah's trust.

If asked about the lights in the sky, the trapper will admit they seem different than the usual aurora borealis. Mackenzie mentions how the lights seem to temporarily 'power things up' but the trapper hasn't seen anything like that. He doesn't have any electricity going to his cabin but won't tell Mackenzie why. After each survival skill, players will need to talk to Jeremiah about 'Survival Skills' again.

Chapter Three - Survival School Edit

Fishing Edit

  • Learn to craft fishing tackle, and catch fish from Mystery Lake.
    • Get to the camp office and find the fishing gear you need.
    • 0/5.0kg Place fish meat in the container at Jeremiah's cabin.

The Fishing lesson takes Mackenzie to the Camp Office near Mystery Lake. Find the fishing tackle (or combine hook and line to make fishing tackle) and head for the fishing hut. Players will need to chop through the ice, and decide how long to fish. Fishing line has a chance to break, so bring more than one. Return to the trapper's cabin and place in the container outside the house.

Hunting Edit

  • Learn to find, track, shoot and butcher deer.
    • Find the hunting grounds Jeremiah mentioned.
    • 0/10.0 kg Place the harvested deer meat in the container at Jeremiah's cabin.

Jeremiah tells Mackenzie that it takes a few years to be a skilled hunter but of course Mackenzie doesn't have that kind of time. The old trapper mentions a clearing over the hilltop that he will mark on the map, and a herd of deer that winter there. He wants Mackenzie to kill one and bring back the meat.

Clothing Edit

  • Learn to mend and maintain clothing. It'll save your life someday.
    • Find the Lookout tower where Jeremiah left some skins drying
    • Repair Jeremiah's coat.
    • Return the mended coat to Jeremiah

Jeremiah gives Mackenzie advice about layering for wind and wet, and shelter. Wear wind-blocking clothes as an outside layer and use natural shelter whenever possible. Wind will cause chill to occur faster. Wetness is cause from snowfall and falling through the ice. Wear waterproof clothing when possible, especially on the feet. Players can dry clothing next to a fire. Tough layers help protect from falls and bites. Repair clothing as needed and harvest unwanted clothing for cloth.

Of course Mackenzie should know all of this already, but Jeremiah will give him a clothing task anyway. He will ask Mackenzie to take his parka, go to the Lookout tower and look for the Forest Service supplies to repair the parka with. The bear pelt is on the floor near the stove.

Since the parka is very heavy, and can be repaired anywhere, it's best to leave it at Jeremiah's hut while you collect the bear pelt; it's not necessary to take the parka to the tower.

Note: If players repair the coat and give it back without going to the Lookout tower, this will not complete all tasks in the mission even though he takes it. The trip to the Lookout tower is still required. 

Harvestable PlantsEdit

  • Learn to identify and harvest some of the edible, medicinal flora native to Great Bear Island.
    • 0/8 Reishi Mushrooms
    • 0/8 Old Man's Beard
    • 0/8 Rosehip
    • 0/4 Cattail Stalks

Mackenzie seemingly complains of having to always eat meat and Jeremiah retorts by stating that "most of the animals are made of meat". He goes on to explain that most of the year, there are berries, nuts and mushrooms, but that there isn't much that grows in the Winter. Reishi Mushrooms can be used to make a tea to use as an antibiotic, Rosehips are used to treat pain, and Old Man's Beard Moss can be wrapped in a bandage to prevent infection. Cattail stalks can be eaten and will save Mackenzie from starvation. He will then suggest that Mackenzie collect them. 

The player will need to put the collected plants into the wooden container that is outside Jeremiah's cabin in order to complete the mission. These items can't subsequently be removed, so only put the required number into the container; for example, if you place 10 Reishi mushrooms, you are unable to remove any, so you have wasted 2 mushrooms. 

Chapter Four - Jeremiah's FollyEdit

The Long Dark - episode two - jeremiahs bear
  • Use your map to track the bear to his favourite haunts in Mystery Lake
  • Bring the old bear's ear back to Jeremiah, as proof of your hunting prowess.

After completing all the tasks, Jeremiah offers Mackenzie a 'graduation present' - a superior quality hunting knife . Mackenzie also gains +15 to Trust.  Players will need to talk to Jeremiah again to continue to the next mission. Mackenzie has plainly had enough of helping the trapper but the old man still insists that Mackenzie won't make it out alive without his help. There is still the matter of the bear and the only way out is through the dam. 

Jeremiah tells Mackenzie to use himself as bait for the bear, so the fight can happen on his own terms, but to do it, Mackenzie will have to cut himself enough to bleed and allow the Old Bear time to smell it. Of course Mackenzie thinks the old man has lost his mind. Jeremiah continues on to explain how the bear hunts, that it will take several shots to bring it down, and it definitely won't be easy. Mackenzie isn't happy about the idea but the old man promises in exchange for the bear's ear, he will give Mackenzie everything he needs to find his friend, and get out of the area. 

There will be multiple locations marked on the map where the bear 'might' be. Players will need to successfully shoot the bear between the eyes at marked locations and make him run. Continue to track the bear and finish it off, removing an ear for Jeremiah. The bear can be harvested. Return to the trapper and Mackenzie will give him the ear, then insist that Jeremiah keeps his end of the bargain and help him get out.

Chapter Five - Renewed HopeEdit

  • Get into the dam at night, when the aurora is in the sky.
  • Find your way through the Carter Hydro Dam
    • Use Jeremiah's code to access the control room
  • Explore the guts of the dam. Get through before daylight.

Jeremiah explains that the old Carter dam is unstable, especially on the lower floors. If Mackenzie can navigate it, he will be on the other side of the River. Follow it and find Pleasant Valley. Look for a shortwave radio at Signal Hills and use it to get a message out to Perseverance Mills, using the power of the aurora. If that doesn't work, at least Mackenzie will be on the right direction toward Perseverance Mills, though the trip will take several days.

Jeremiah also needs Mackenzie to deliver a message to someone named Atwood who lives near Perseverance Mills. He states that it's important that the message get there as soon as possible. The message is "Wintermute". To access the keypad in the control room, Mackenzie will need to access it while the aurora is in the sky. He will then need to get through the dam before daylight, or he will be stuck there for good.

The Long Dark - episode two - Methuselah
Unfortunately, the aurora does not happen every night, so players may need to survive until it does. When it happens, the rooms in the dam will be lit up and a man will be outside sitting at a fire. The man will invite Mackenzie to join him. He says his name is Methuselah and that he is "there to witness the passing of an age". He tells Mackenzie that he has seen 'this' happen before, that they are sinners and they must pay the price. It's not about religion, it's about redemption.

Go to the door with the code and walk through. There is a switch box inside to power the elevator and a safe to crack open. Inside is a magnifying lens and money. Go down in the elevator. A prybar is required to get out. Thankfully there is one in the nearby backpack. The lighting is poor in this area. Explore the area and reach the lower dam section. Explore to try to find a way out. 

The Long Dark - episode 2 mysterious man
In the last scene, Mackenzie has been knocked out. When he comes to, he is bound to a chair, and is being brutally questioned by a mysterious man. He hits Mackenzie repeatedly and demands to know what is in the case. Of course Mackenzie doesn't know. The man gets angry and tells Mackenzie that the last person who lied to him, didn't do so good, referring to the person as a 'she'. This gets Mackenzie's attention but things go dark as the man hits him one last time. 

(End of Episode) 

Side MissionsEdit

  • Hank's Hatch - Search the Forestry Look out for Hank's Lock Box
  • Mystery Lake Supply Caches
    • Find the cache in Alan's Cave in Mystery Lake
    • Find the cache in the clear cut in Mystery Lake
    • Find the cache near the entrance to the Forlorn Muskeg region from Mystery Lake
    • Find the cache under some tree roots in the Forlorn Muskeg
    • Find the cache at the end of the Ravine in Broken Railroad region
    • Find the cache near the old hunting lodge in the Broken Railroad region
    • Find the cache of flares near the cave you entered Mystery Lake (Jeremiah's cache)
  • Forest Talker Supply Caches
    • Forest Talker Cache: Maintenance Yard
    • Forest Talker Cache: Forlorn Muskeg
    • Forest Talker Cache: Mystery Lake
  • Lake Gunshots - Jeremiah says he heard gunshots from across Mystery Lake. Could it have something to do with the Forest Talkers?
    • Head to the far side of Mystery Lake, near the cabins closed for the season. 
  • Forlorn Blueprints
    • Go to the Forge in Forlorn Muskeg
    • Locate blueprints near the Forge
  • Jeremiah's Hideout
    • Locate the hidden bunker in Forlorn Muskeg


Found on a table in a  cabin near the lake:  Simple Note - "A, Im heading to the clear cut - put some supplies aside for us. Away from prying eyes. If you need something, look for the old stump between two log piles. - K"

Trash Can Letter - Found in a bathroom trash can inside the dam's main building: " I'm so ****ed off at you. You told me the Forest Talkers were legit and that we'd be doing "good work" out here. All I've seen is a ragtag bunch of dumbies who are disorganized and have no plan. It's way too cold to be out here this time of night, howling. It's making me crazy. What are are doing out here? People said Great Bear was hit hard by the quakes but man, I had no idea it was so... stuck in the dark ages. You owe me big time for bringing those supplies, and if the weather doesn't warm up soon, I'm outta here, and you will not be seeing me again any time soon."

Found in a pickup near the railroad tracks  - Charcoal Note: This letter appears to have been written in charcoal and is smeared with dirt. "I've been stuck in this damn truck for eight while those wolves circle. Not sure I'll be able to get to the supply stash I left along the rail line in the marsh."

Additional TipsEdit

  • If you start Episode 2 without items, try exiting the story and reload Episode 2.
  • Finding specific notes will reveal hidden supply caches on the map.
  • The player must complete the survival tasks in the order they are accepted.
  • Take plenty of medical supplies before baiting the bear in case you miss with the rifle and the bear attacks.
  • The old bear can be scared off by flare shell. Before the last encounter it wont be killed by gun shot but you can ensure your safety by shooting it with distress pistol, including the first encounter outside the trapper's cabin. Also a gun shot taken beyond it's sense or 2 solid hit(even when it's charging) can scare it off. *Note the encounter might not count if you scare it off from too far away.
  • Drop your clothes before engaging the bear to avoid having them torn.
  • The Aurora's presence is more common in Episode 2.
  • To start Hank's Hatch you have to go to the Unnamed Pond after Finishing Jeremiah's Folly, you will find a fire burning with a corpse and supplies, loot the corpse to find the note to begin the side mission, when you go to the hatch, look for the birds around the corpse as a marker to guide you.
  • The key to one of the Lake Cabins can be found on the corpse next to the Hunter's blind near Alan's cave.
  • You can use the large cache of canned food in Hank's Bunker to gain quick trust with Jeremiah
  • If you finish "Lake Gunshots" without taking ammo from the supplies you deliver, you get a pair of deerskin pants.

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