Episode 1

Do Not Go Gentle is the first episode in the Wintermute story mode. The initial part of the episode appears linear driven as a type of 'tutorial' for new players, introducing them to fire making, using first aid , gathering, and other survival mechanics.

In this episode, William Mackenzie's plane has crashed due to a mysterious geomagnetic event. He and fellow traveler Astrid Greenwood are now separated and William does his best to survive the wilderness while trying to find shelter. His journey takes him to the small town of Milton, where he starts to understand the extent of the quiet apocalypse.



Dr. Astrid Greenwood unexpectedly shows up at the workplace of bush pilot Will Mackenzie. She and Will have not seen each other in years, and their parting was not under ideal circumstances. She asks him to take her to a small village in the mountains. It is late in the evening and the weather is bad. She refuses to tell him why, and what the contents are in the metal locked briefcase she is carrying. When he protests, she becomes frustrated and starts to leave. He stops her and reluctantly agrees to take her.

During the trip, an unnatural phenomenon occurs, depriving the plane of power, sending the plane into a rocky ravine. Will finds himself alone, injured, in the dark in freezing temperatures, and with no sign of Astrid. 

Survival of the FittestEdit

The Long Dark initial scene
Main article: Chapter One - Survival of the Fittest
"You've crashed in the Northern wilderness and are badly injured. Survive long enough for your hand to heal, so you can climb out."
— In-game description

Echoes of AstridEdit

The Long Dark - Story Mode image3
Main article: Chapter Two - Echoes of Astrid
"Did Astrid survive the crash? Keep your eyes open for signs of her passing while you explore the wilderness around you."
— In-game description

The Grey MotherEdit

Grey Mother
Main article: Chapter Three - The Grey Mother
"The old woman might be the last survivor in Milton. She seems to know more than she's letting on. She might be the key to understanding what happened to Astrid"
— In-game description

Paradise LostEdit

Climbing sign
Main article: Chapter Four - Paradise Lost
"It looks like Astrid made it out of Milton. Follow Lily's path to continue your search beyond the town's borders."
— In-game description


  • "Do not go gentle into that good night " is the most famous poem of Welsh poet Dylan Thomas, referenced alongside The Long Dark in multiple works of popular culture. The phrase and the refrain occur throughout the poem and perfectly characterize the beginning of Episode 1:
    "Do not go gentle into that good night.
    Rage, rage against the dying of the light."
Episode 1
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