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Encumbrance is a player statistic that represents the total amount of weight the player can carry.

Players can see the total weight of the items they are carrying on the Backpack screen from the Status game menu. This will include items they have equipped as well as those carried in the inventory. Many items weigh fractions of a kilogram, but the Backpack screen truncates the amount to two decimal places.


Carrying capacityEdit

The player's carrying capacity when at least 50% rested is 30 kilograms (66 lbs). The carrying capacity can only be increased by equipping a moose-hide satchel or by achieving the Well Fed affliction.

Image Name Carrying capacity increase
Moose-hide satchel Moose-hide satchel 5 kilograms
(11 pounds)
Well Fed 5 kilograms
(11 pounds)

Fatigue Edit

The amount of weight the character is carrying increases the rate of fatigue. Also, when fatigue reaches 50%, the carrying capacity will begin to decrease at a rate of 0.3 kg for every percent closer to 0. Encumbrance penalties apply as normal. Once the 'Exhausted' fatigue state is reached, the carry limit will be half the normal value (or 15kg). The fatigue meter is primarily restored with sleep, and, once the player has regained at least 50% of his or her fatigue, (equivalent to 6 hours of sleep) the maximum carrying capacity is restored. Coffee may also offer minor relief from a low fatigue meter.


Weight above carrying capacity Maximum weight Effect
+0 kilograms 30 kilograms
  • The maximum weight a player can carry without penalty.
  • The maximum weight for rope climbing.
+10 kilograms 40 kilograms
  • The player can no longer sprint.
+20 kilograms 50 kilograms
  • The player's walking speed is significantly decreased.
+30 kilograms 60 kilograms
  • The player is completely immobile, and can no longer walk.
Primary ConditionStaminaEncumbrance
Needs WarmthFatigueHungerThirst
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