Emergency steroid injection. Will provide a short-burst of energy. Then you´ll collapse from exhaustion. Use as last resort!
In-game Description

The Emergency Stim is a first aid item in The Long Dark.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Emergency Stim is a single-used consumable First Aid item, which restores Condition by 15% and grants an Energy Boost for 15 (in-game) minutes, giving unlimited Fatigue and Stamina for that time.

Emergency Stims can be rarely found inside first aid boxes, the interiors of structures and vehicles, or on or near corpses. They are a finite and non-renewable resource. The Emergency Stim has a dedicated button under the "First Aid" section of the Radial Menu.

Emergency Stims have multiple life-saving applications:

After use, Fatigue is fully drained (0% "Exhausted") regardless of existing Fatigue before it's use.

Using the injector causes a rapid heartbeat sound to be heard, and one's vision gets brighter and distorted. This heartbeat effect slows over the next 15 minutes until it dissipates effect dissipates, giving an auditory indicator of remaining time before the effect wears off..

  • Note: if the player is so Encumbered they cannot run, then they still cannot spring after taking an Emergency Stim until weight is reduced.
  • Similarly, using an Emergency Stim does not allow climbing Mountaineering Ropes when above one's carrying weight (30kg by default, 35kg with Well Fed or Moose-Hide Satchel, or 40kg with both).

Emergency Stims are the only means to restore Condition during the As the Dead Sleep Challenge.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Emergency Stim is an auto-injector, containing a dose of clinical steroids that briefly spikes the user's energy (similar to the effect of adrenaline).
  • Emergency Stims can only be used on the player (be they Astrid Greenwood or Will Mackenzie), not wildlife or other characters.
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