Echo One is a radio hut and tower positioned on the southmost point of the Bleak Inlet plateau. It contains a paper note on one of the desks inside the hut which provides the code to unlock the aurora door in the Cannery.


The radio hut is positioned on the southern tip of the plateau, overlooking the entire region. Inside the hut, the player can find decent amounts of loot, some good storage, and the priceless code to the door in the cannery pier, which unlocks the Milling machine and Ammunition workbench. Some firewood can be found around the site, as well as a few harvestable wooden objects. Inside can be a good escape from the cold and wildlife.


The radio hut is well set-up to become a safe house and could be very tempting, but its position makes it very inadequate. The only way to travel between the upper and lower part of the region is by a climbing rope area at Pensive Lookout, and the player has to supply and deploy their own rope, making the lookout a better choice if the player desires to live on the plateau at all.


As mentioned in another note written by the technician for the cannery, they have 'rigged something up in the old cannery workshop,' and mentions, 'don't forget to get the code from the old radio station.' The code can be found in the form of another note, which can be found resting on the keyboard of the Computer on one of the desks. Players will find, if they make it to the pier, that a heavy metal door and electronic keypad block their path. The keypad can only be used during the aurora, and without retrieving the paper from the radio hut, the keypad will remain locked.

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