Cured leather used for crafting and repair.
In-game description
Freshly harvested leather. Can be used for crafting and repair after air-drying indoors for 5 days.
In game description

Cured leather is a material in The Long Dark. It can be found in containers or on the ground, and can be harvested from shoes and various boots. It is unrelated to the leather obtained from animals.

It is used for repairing Running shoes, Leather shoes, Trail boots, Combat boots, Work boots, Mukluks, Insulated boots, Ski boots, Driving gloves, Work glovesGauntlets, and the Moose-hide satchel.

Fresh leather Edit

Fresh leather needs to be air-dried for 5 days in order to be usable. It's a rare find, and can only be found at outside locations such as Poacher's Camp and The Ravine.

After air-drying, it serves as normal cured leather.

Trivia Edit

  • Fresh leather used to be the original yield from harvesting deer skins but was replaced early in the alpha-beta versions of the game.
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