A cup of coffee.
In-game description

A Cup of coffee is a drink item in The Long Dark.

Drinking coffee improves Hunger and Thirst and provide a bonus to Fatigue. 5% of Fatigue will be restored instantly, and Fatigue will be consumed at a reduced rate for one hour afterwards. When consumed while still hot, it will also provide a bonus to Warmth, making hot Coffee the only item in the game that will replenish all 4 Needs: Warmth, Fatigue, Thirst and Hunger.

  • Cup of Coffee, like teas and Canned Foods can be heated to "Hot" by placing them near an active fire, and do not require being placed on one of fire's Cooking Spots for this purpose.
  • Tin of Coffee (before cooked into Cup of Coffee) deteriorate in condition over time indoors and outside, and will disappear if reaching 0% condition inside of a Container. Cups of Coffee do not deteriorate in condition.
  • Cups of Coffee are very energy dense (1000 calories/kg), hydration dense (30% hydration for 0.10kg, equivalent to 0.22kg of Potable Water).
  • Cups of Coffee never grant Food Poisoning.
  • Cooking Cups of Coffee is a quick and easy way to improve Cooking Skill.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

A popular use for Coffee is drinking it prior strenuous activities such as Climbing, Sprinting, or Harvesting wood or Scrap Metal. This is particularly relevant for Climbing, where attempting a climb with higher Fatigue makes the climb safer by being faster, while consuming less calories and fatigue.

  • One Cup of Coffee restores 5% worth of Fatigue, and it's Fatigue Reduction effect lasts one hour. Drinking additional Cups of Coffee increases Fatigue by an additional 5%, but does not increase the duration of the Fatigue Reduction.
  • Coffee can also be used to temporarily preventing slower Walk and Sprint speeds caused by low Fatigue (particularly below the 50% Fatigue threshold).
  • Coffee can temporarily allow sprinting short distances even if Exhausted.
  • When Exhausted (0% Fatigue) Condition is slowly drained at 1% per hour, so Coffee can also be used to delay this temporarily. However the drain from Exhaustion is so slow, this does not preventing much Condition loss. For comparison: 0% Temperature (Freezing) deals 20% Condition/hour (20x as deadly), and a Laceration deals 30% Condition damage per hour, and Freezing with Hypothermia is 40% Condition/hour.

Since other fatigue restoring items: the Emergency Stim and the GO! Energy Drink are very rare, it is advisable to use other hot beverages to obtain the Warming Up instead of Coffee, such as Reishi Tea, Rose Hip Tea, Herbal Tea, or Birch Bark Tea.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

Cup of Coffee is crafted by cooking 1 Tin of Coffee with 0.25 liters of Potable Water at an active fire's cooking spot.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Cup of coffee with copyright mark on the base.

  • The cup features the name logo of Hinterland Games, the developers of The Long Dark. The base of the cup bears a copyright mark for Hinterland Studios Inc.
  • Tins of Coffee are branded as "Big Moose Kicks".
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