Crash Survivor is someone who survived an airline crash in the Pleasant Valley region. They are only found in Episode 3: Crossroads Elegy.

Basic Details[edit | edit source]

There are four crash survivors found during the story mode. The first, Gwen, is found at the ruined airliner itself. The other three: Logan, Ava, and Adam, are found on the map after Gwen has been brought to Father Thomas. 

Gameplay Features[edit | edit source]

When Astrid Greenwood finds these survivors, she needs to carry them back to the Community hall and place them on an empty bed. Once they are there, she cannot interact with them further. 

When Astrid is carrying a survivor, she will be unable to run or interact with anything on the map aside from opening doors. She will have to put the survivor down before she can do anything other than opening doors. She is capable of opening one of the bunkers during Joplin's Bunker Raid while holding a survivor. 

Survivors have their own Warmth and Thirst bar that steadily depletes, as well as a Condition bar. Astrid may treat these survivors by interacting with them and choosing the "Diagnose" option. Survivors may only drink Potable Water, and may only be given water if their thirst meter is below 50%. Warmth is addressed by bringing them indoors or placing them by a fire. It is not possible to give any clothing to a survivor. A Survivor's Condition bar will steadily recover just as a player's will. 

Survivors may be attacked by Timberwolf. A wolf will approach the survivor, stop, and then bite them on the ground. This will cause them to lose 25% Condition, and Astrid will need to treat their bleeding with a Bandage

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Survivors will be found near a campfire that will burn eternally, keeping them warm and keeping any wolves at bay. This can be a great place to create water in treat the survivors and warming Astrid up before bringing them to the Community Hall.
  • Logan, Ava, and Adam are marked on the map in a large radius. If the player is having trouble finding them, Astrid may shoot a flare while in the radius. The survivor will respond by shooting a flare. 
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