A sturdy pot for melting snow, boiling water, and cooking food.
In-game description

A cooking pot is a tool that players used primarily for melting snow, boiling water, and cooking food.

Cooking pots typically spawn in houses with kitchens, especially kitchens with wood-burning cooking stoves (e.g., in Milton House and the Pleasant Valley Farmstead).

A cooking pot will reduce the amount of time required for food inside it to cook by 20%, relative to the amount of time needed to cook in a recycled can or directly by a fire.

A cooking pot will degrade by 10% if its contents are burned or boiled dry. The cooking pot will not degrade in any other circumstances.

A cooking pot can melt or boil up to 2 liters of snow or water at a time. The amount of time required to melt snow per liter does not decrease when using a cooking pot, compared to a recycled can.

Trivia Edit

  • All fires have the same cooking, boiling, and melting times for food and drink items used with a cooking pot. The cooking speed is not dependent on the temperature of the fire.
  • You may only need two cooking pots/recycled cans at a time, as there is only two slots on most cooking surfaces, but stoves have six slots.
  • While the pot heats contents more efficiently, its large capacity means a full pot will require roughly two hours to melt and boil water, granting a solid chunk of time to engage in other tasks while making drinking water. For example, a player can sleep or fish for a couple of without worrying about water boiling off.
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