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Condition is a player statistic that determines their current health, and represents the total amount of damage that can be taken before dying. Condition can be lost immediately through injuries, indirectly through afflictions, or through deficiencies in needs.

When the player falls below 10% condition, the display is intentionally blurred and rotated, with visibility decreased and sound muffled save for a slowing heartbeat. As condition drops lower and lower, these effects are made more and more pronounced. Movement is still possible at a normal rate, but can be more challenging.



Injuries which instantly subtract a percentage of the player's condition. Condition loss that occurs as a result of an injury is instantaneous, and does not have any long-lasting effects beyond the condition loss.

Certain afflictions, such as blood loss or infections, cause an ongoing drain on the player's condition, while other afflictions place a cap on the amount of condition that the player can have. Afflictions last until treated or healed; after the affliction has been removed, condition can be restored normally.

When a need reaches 0, the player begins to lose condition. Failing to satisfy needs will consistently drain condition until needs are at least partially filled. When the player has not had sufficient rest, nutrition, or hydration, condition loss is relatively slow. If the player does not have sufficient warmth, condition loss is very rapid, and requires the player to quickly react to prevent death. See below for the condition drain rates when a need reaches 0.

Need Hourly drain rate
Warmth -20%
Fatigue -1%
Hunger -1%
Thirst -2%

Recovering conditionEdit

Condition normally restores to 100% but can be limited to less by certain afflictions, and can be restored using the three different methods.

Sleep is the most common method of restoring condition. All four needs must be met for the player to restore condition during sleep. The rate of return is dependent on the bed used and number of hours slept, with longer periods granting higher returns.

Condition will restore at a rate of 25% condition every day or just over 1% every hour, as long as all needs are above 0 and the player doesn't have an affliction that affects condition. This passive regeneration improves the player's condition while active, but is slower than while sleeping.

An emergency stim will instantly restore 15% of the player's condition when used.


Fading Into The Long Dark - Death

You faded into The Long Dark.

You faded into The Long Dark...
In-game description

Death occurs when a player's condition reaches zero. The player is given a brief explanation for the cause of death.

In Survival mode mode, after the player's death, the saved game is marked and cannot be loaded again. Effectively, the character who died can never be restored. This is commonly refered to as "Permadeath" since dying is the permanent end of the save file. However, the player is given the option to "Save the journal" which will add that game's journal's statistics to the global statistics.

In Story mode, the player is given an option to restart from their last save or checkpoint prior to death.

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