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Sweetened, thickened milk in a can. Keeps forever.
In-game description

Condensed Milk is a canned food item in The Long Dark.


Consuming Condensed Milk replenishes a moderate amount of thirst, and large amount of calories. It may also be warmed by a fire, to grant the benefit Warming Up.

Like other canned foods, Condensed Milk may be opened with a can opener or bladed tool, or smashed open (with no tool) but spilling some of it's contents. If opened with a tool a recycled can is received after consuming the contents.

Condensed Milk is relatively rare, but may be found inside homes: usually in cupboards or on shelfs. It is essentially an upgraded Pinnacle Peaches, offering a similar hydration and more calories per weight.

Contrary to its in-game description, Condensed Milk spoils quickly compared to other processed food.


  • Condensed milk is packaged as a product called Little Cow: Condensed Milk with a picture of a cow, fittingly.