A formidable West Coast fish. Grows to a good size.
In-game description
Salmon, cooked on a fire. One of life's better things.
In-game description


Coho salmon are hefty saltwater fish sparsely found under the ice off the coast. They can occasionally be caught using a fishing tackle. Fresh salmon contain between 2.8 and 5.5 kg of raw salmon. May be eaten raw. Eating raw salmon carries significant risk of contracting food poisoning.

Cooked salmon can be obtained by cooking raw salmon over a fire. Cooked fish contains the same number of calories as when it was raw fish and carries much lower risk of food poisoning. However, cooking does decrease the final weight by 35%, bringing cooked salmon's energy density to 455 calories per kilogram.

50% condition boost will be added to raw fish after it is cooked over fire, but will continue to decay over time. Cooked fish decay four times slower. Poor condition fish still has all its calories. Low condition fish will show yellow then red condition numbers, warning against the increased food poisoning risks of low quality food. Zero condition meat disappears.

Recipe Edit

Cook over fire to cook salmon. It takes 10 minutes to cook, with the basic cooking skill. Placing a Cooking pot on the cooking spot first, and then the Coho Salmon inside of it will reduce the time until it is ready cooking by 25%.

Leaving a piece of cooked Coho Salmon on an active fire for too long (twice it's 'Ready' cooking time) will result in it becoming 'Inedible Burnt Stuff' which can only be harvested to clear the cooking spot of the item, effectively destroying the item as well as damaging a Cooking Pot it may have been inside.

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