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For intermediate players. A weather-battered coastline rich in shelters and resources. Watch out for wildlife.
- In game description

Coastal Highway is a region in The Long Dark.


The region is a relatively warm crescent of steep hills and switchbacks surrounding an icy bay; a highway follows the coast with settlements along it. The bay's ice shelf features many Fishing huts, and further out two islands: Jackrabbit Island and Misanthrope's Homestead. Several wolf packs live in the area, and further out the bay's ice becomes thin and dangerous to walk upon.

Coastal Highway connects to Mystery Lake through the Ravine to the north-west, Pleasant Valley through the Cinder Hills Coal Mine to the north, and Desolation Point through the Crumbling Highway and Abandoned Mine No. 3 to the south-east.

Compared to Mystery Lake, it has more resources and overall warmer temperatures; however there are more abundant wolves and bears, particularly near the Coastal Townsite, Log Sort, and Misanthrope's Homestead.

Items and materials can be caried by the sea close to the water.


There are many accessible locations within Coastal Highway, including:


There are several locations for safe houses in the Coastal Highway, including Jackrabbit Island and Quonset Garage.

Quonset Garage[]

  • Pros : A central location with plentiful resources, abundant storage, an indoor workbench, bed, and fire barrel. Numerous vehicles nearby for storage or escape from predators.
  • Cons : Multiple predators around the Quonset, including wolves, a bear and moose spawn. Very dangerous, especially if on Stalker and Interloper. No nearby cave for Cabin Fever; vehicles are quite cold.

Jackrabbit Island[]

  • Pros : Secluded location from predators with 2 rabbit groves on the island, and 1 nearby (towards Misanthrope) as well as fishing, abundant sticks, and close access for beachcombing.
  • Cons : A possible bear spawn nearby at the Misanthropes Homestead, as well as being fairly distant from areas with resources. No place for indoor fires (fireplace, barrel or pot belly stove). No nearby cave for Cabin Fever.

Fishing Camp[]

  • Pros : multiple rabbit groves (2 over hill, 1 near the bridge, 2 at Jackrabbit Island) and fishing shacks, and close to the coast for beachcombing. Centrally located in the region, and has a workbench (outdoors).
  • Cons : Multiple wolves may spawn nearby, as well as a bear up the road or atop the hill. Workbench is outdoors. No place for indoor fires (fireplace, barrel or pot belly stove). No nearby cave for Cabin Fever.


Coastal Highway differs from most other regions in some regards, which may require adaptations to playing style.

  • There are no proper caves. The bear dens are just sheltered nooks.
  • Two-slot cooking opportunities are only available indoors in a heavily wildife-infested area, or using campfires.


  • Many photographs on walls or nightstands inside the houses of Coastal Highway are Hinterlands developers, or their friends and family; this includes "Stacyplays" (aka Stacy Hinojosa) a YouTuber who ran a "let's play" series during The Long Dark's alpha/beta (2014-2016). The item Stacy's Grape Soda is also named after her.