Lump of Coal.
In-game description

Coal is a fuel in The Long Dark.

Uses[edit | edit source]

Coal is a fuel source for fires and the only fuel source that can be used to heat a fire up to 150°C, hot enough for Forges to craft items

  • As of v1.6+ Coal cannot be used to start a fires, but can be added to any existing fire once it has been started with another fuel source (such as a single Stick).
  • Coal has a fire duration of 1 hour and adds 20°Cs to the fire's temperature. This makes it the most efficient fuel in the game, both for increasing temperature and for weight efficiency.
  • Carrying a few lumps of Coal can be lifesaving if caught outside in extremely cold temperatures, such as a blizzard, particularly on in higher Survival Modes where campfires do not immediately immediately stop Freezing.

Obtaining[edit | edit source]

Coal is mainly found on the floor inside of inside caves and mines; it can be rarely found along streambeds and at rocky locations. Finite amounts Coal is present in near each of the three Forges on Great Bear Island.

  • Coal respawns in mines, caves, and at outdoors locations after several days.
  • The most abundant sources of coal are the Cinder Hills Coal Mine and Abandoned Mine No. 3, which can yield 20-50 pieces of Coal per visit.

Because of the close proximity of the Abandoned Mine No. 3 and the Forge at the Riken, Desolation Point is usually easier to forge at than the Maintenance Yard or Old Spence Family Homestead, which only have small amounts of Coal initially and are far from sustainable sources.

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