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Spoiler Warning: This page may contain spoilers from the story of The Long Dark.

A thief has stolen an Artifact from the Church at Thomson's Crossing. In church a remote town, it's likely the Artifact has great value to the residents. See what you can do to locate the item and return it home.

Church Artifact is a side mission in Episode 3 of the story. In this mission, Astrid must search for clues about the whereabouts of an artifact that was stolen from the church in Thomson's Crossing and return it to the church.


  • Search the church for more information about the theft
  • Investigate the cabin near Skeeter's Ridge, the police suspect was last seen there
  • Search the cabin
  • Go to Skeeter's Ridge basement
  • Search behind the loose boards in the basement
  • Return the artifact to the church
  • Return to the church tomorrow


Mission details
Start location Thomson's Crossing Church
Significant locations Draft Dodger's Cabin, Skeeter's Ridge

To start the mission, the player must find the papers inside the church which contain information about the missing artifact. The player must then travel to the Draft Dodger's Cabin. Under the bed in the cabin is a suitcase which contains a letter saying that the artifact is hidden in the basement of the house at Skeeter's Ridge.

There is no direct path to Skeeter's Ridge from Draft Dodger's Cabin because a cliff face separates the two. Instead, the player must travel towards Derelict Cabins on the right side of the in-game map. Then the player can follow the main road back towards the crash site.

(After you rescue Gwen, you will be able to climb the cliff behind Draft Dodger's Cabin to Skeeter's Ridge, as the trees will fall and become a bridge.)

Once near the crash site, instead of entering the plane, continue to the left around the rock outcropping. A small group of burned-down houses constitute Skeeter's Ridge. One of the houses will have a bulkhead door leading down into the basement where the artifact can be found behind some loose boards beneath the clothes dryer.

Once the artifact is retrieved, it must be brought back to the church and placed on the altar. The player must then wait a full day and return to the church. At the front of the church will be a rabbitskin hat and a thank-you note from Father Thomas.