Challenges are special tasks that the player can set out to accomplish within the world of The Long Dark. Challenges can be chosen from the game's main menu.

There are currently five challenges in the The Long Dark. Completing all five yields the Challenge Mastery achievement.

Challenge icon Challenge Description
Badge challenge hopelessRescue Hopeless Rescue Recover the Distress Pistol from the summit of Timberwolf Mountain. Fire it from the top of the Desolation Point Lighthouse.
Badge challenge huntedPart1 The Hunted, Part One Avoid the Bear. Get to Trapper's Cabin in Mystery Lake.
Badge challenge huntedPart2 The Hunted, Part Two Take the rifle and go face the Old Bear,
Badge challenge whiteout Whiteout The storm arrives in 30 days. Stockpile enough food, water, and supplies in the Coastal Highway Quonset Garage before it hits.
Badge challenge nomad Nomad Survive for 3 days each in 15 specific locations across the game world.

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Hopeless RescueThe Hunted, Part OneThe Hunted, Part TwoWhiteoutNomad