Cardboard strike-anywhere matches.
In-game description

Cardboard matches are type of tool item used for lighting fires and as a small light source.

Overview Edit

Each match weighs a mere 5 grams. Using a cardboard match does not increase the base chance of successfully lighting a fire.

Light sources are equipped with the '1' key by default. Hold the left mouse button to strike the match for a small light source that lasts for about ten seconds. This is more useful than it sounds.

While a lit match is held, your "Feels like" temperature will rise by a few degrees. Sadly, a fire so small will not cause a wolf to run.

Irrespective of real-life cardboard matches, which are attached to the striker, these matches can be split into smaller stacks and are still usable. All types of matches are a limited reasoure in all modes.

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