Overview[edit | edit source]

The Cannery Worker Residences is a collection of houses that once probably housed some of the employees of the Last Resort Cannery. There are four houses at the location, two of which are burned, and one of which is boarded-up. The last is enterable and contains a fireplace for cooking. Outside on the frozen water is an ice fishing hut; just a little further is a good place for beachcombing. South of the site is the Fallen Lighthouse, which provides a 6-burner stove (the only one not indoors) for efficient cooking and a distress pistol, if the player is short a weapon.

Safehouse[edit | edit source]

As mentioned above, the worker residences can serve as a good safehouse in the region. Although a bear and timberwolves may prowl the area, deer and rabbits can also spawn near the lighthouse, and the nearby fishing huts help provide a full range of renewable food sources. The Residences are also centrally located in the region, allowing for easier access to several other notable locations.

The habitable bulding contains some mid-level loot, as well as a decent amount of storage. However, it is not a base the player should expect to spend much time in, but neither is the region.

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