The cannery worker residences is a location built to be a safehouse. It consists of four houses, two of which are burned, and one is boarded up. The last is enterable, and contains a fireplace for cooking. Outside is an ice fishing hut, and pushing a little further is a good place for Beachcombing. South of the site is the Fallen Lighthouse, which provides a 6-burner stove for efficient cooking and a Distress pistol, if the player is short a weapon.


As mentioned above, the worker residences serve as a good safehouse in the region. Some deer and rabbits can spawn near the lighthouse, and the fishing hut complete a full range of renewable food sources. The location is also pretty central in the region, so travel shouldn't be too much of a problem. The bulding itself has some decent loot, as well as decent storage. It's not a house the player should expect to spend much time in, but neither is the region.

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