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Camp Office is a two-story cabin located on the western side of Mystery Lake.


The Camp Office is a good source of materials and other resources for the player to collect.

The Camp Office has two entrances (front and back), and two floors. The first floor features a work bench, a first aid box next to the back door, and a potbelly stove. The second floor features a corpse that may spawn at the top of the stairs, a wood burning stove, two bunk beds, a dresser, a shelf, a cupboard, and a table and chair. Near the desk upstairs there is a note left behind.

This location makes for a good safe house, as it is centrally located in the region and near several key locations and resources. Sitting directly beside Mystery Lake (location), fishing huts are scattered about, cat tails are abundant, and there is a rabbit grove near by. Deer and wolves may also wander the area.

The office cabin is one of the most iconic locations in the game as an important central location in the first region to be released.