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Calorie burn is not always visible. In early versions of the game, the current calorie burn rate was shown on the survival page. Presently, calorie burn information is only visible for some time acceleration activities, like harvesting hides or chopping wood. There it describes exactly how many calories will be used if the given activity is started.

Not having enough calories does not ever prevent any actions from being taken. Instead, the character suffers gradual condition loss for any time spent without calories. This freedom to exchange some condition instead of lots of calories for all tasks has lead some players to experiment with Hibernation tactics.

Calories are burned based on a great number of factors possibly including: activity level, weather, fatigue, encumbrance, and the terrain.

An imprecise test run showed that in 14 C temperatures (-1 C, with +15 C clothing), calories burned as follows:

  • Run: 6.75 cal / min
  • Walking: 4.5 cal / min
  • Sleeping: 1.25 cal / min