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For intermediate players. Previous seismic activity means this section of the Trans-Island Railway Line is dramatically interrupted. Be careful you don't become lost in its many twisting routes. Connects to Forlorn Muskeg.
- In game description

Broken Railroad is the seventh region to be added to The Long Dark.


Broken Railroad is described as a section of the Trans-Island Railway Line that was ravaged by earthquakes prior to the First Flare, making navigation rather difficult. The region is connected to Forlorn Muskeg. It is a relatively small region with mild weather, but is home to many predators: 6-8 wolves and a bear, which can be difficult to avoid in the narrow, hilly, and heavily forested region.

A forge is located inside the Maintenance Shed, which allows the forging of improvised tools and arrowheads. Abundant loot can be found inside the Maintenance Shed and the Hunting Lodge nearby.

Food sources[]

Broken Railroad, similar to Desolation Point is a very small region that is quite isolated from the rest of Great Bear Island. It has several rabbit groves scattered throughout, but is very limited in game, with only 2-4 deer spawning west of the Maintenance Yard, and has no fishing at all. If planning to stay here for an extended time on Stalker or Interloper, it is wise to get cooking to Level 5 as soon as possible, which will enable the player to hunt wolves and the bear and provide ample food.


Broken Railroad is a relatively small map, but does feature a number of key locations:


  • Prior to Rugged Sentinel, the winding path and footbridge was inaccessible except by scaling the rocks.

Previously inaccessible, Rickety Bridge

  • An anchor point (initially with no deployed mountaineering rope) leads into a ravine along the western side of the region where the stream terminates. An abundance of items may be found below, including: hunting rifle, rifle ammunition, frozen corpse, wolf carcass, 2 deer carcasses and cattails. Beneath the Broken Bridge is a bin likely containing wood, food or fire starting tools. The climb back out is long, requiring high fatigue, resting at the ledge mid-climb, sleeping in a bedroll, or using an emergency stim to complete.
  • The bed in the Maintenance Yard office can be used to cure Cabin Fever.
  • This region shares some characteristics with Desolation Point, including its small size, intermediate difficulty level, high predator density, and presence of a forge.