You are bleeding from a wound. If left untreated, you will continue to weaken until you die.
In-game description

Blood Loss is a deadly Affliction caused by a Struggle or attack Wolf, Timberwolf or a Bear, or fall. It is life threatening and deadly, reducing Condition by 30% per hour until Treated with a Bandage or the player dies.

Blood loss from a Bear, Wolf or Timberwolf Struggle is paired with an Infection Risk, while blood loss from falling off a mountaineering rope or from Timberwolf "drive-by" style attacks is not. Infection is treated as a separate and deadly affliction.

  • Left untreated Blood Loss is fatal.
  • Blood Loss can only be treated with a Bandage. As of the "Faithful Cartographer" update, Old Man's Beard Wound Dressing will not treat Blood Loss and only the Infection Risk.
  • While afflicted by Blood Loss the player or animal will leave a trail of blood with their footprints as they move.
  • Untreated Blood Loss increases player Scent, displayed on the HUD, alerting predators and making them likely to attack from further distances.
  • Multiple Blood Loss afflictions can result from different Struggles, or rarely from the same Struggle. The effects are cumulative and each instance must be treated with a separate Bandage.
  • Deer, Wolf, Timberwolf and Bear can be afflicted with an animal variant of Blood Loss after being shot with a Distress Pistol, Revolver, Hunting Rifle, Bow, or as a chance after a Struggle if the player used a Hunting Knife or Hatchet (or their improvised versions).
  • Since animals cannot use bandages, they will always die from Blood Loss.
  • Unlike player Blood Loss the time for Animals to die to Blood Loss is location-dependent, with head and neck being the fastest, followed by torso, and finally legs. A single Revolver shot to a Bear's leg will kill it, but may take nearly a full day.
  • Moose are immune to Blood Loss, and Rabbit cannot suffer from Blood Loss since they die in one hit from any weapon (except Stones).
  • After a wounded Bear stops running in fear from being shot, it will continue making it's 'pain' sound (occasional deep, guttural grumbling) until it dies.
  • Bears, Wolves, and Timber Wolves can still attack the player while suffering from Blood Loss once they finish running in fear from the shot or Struggle. Maintaining distance from them is important even as they flee, in case the animal stops running nearby and stalks or even attacks immediately.
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