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Once home to a thriving industrial Cannery, seismic instability has cut Bleak Inlet off from the rest of the Great Bear mainland. Inaccessible and in the heart of Timberwolf territory, exploring Bleak Inlet is not for the faint of heart. The Cannery industrial complex holds a useful treasure for those hardy enough to access it.
- In game description

Bleak Inlet is the tenth region to be added to The Long Dark. It was released in the Errant Pilgrim update in December 2019. The region connects to Forlorn Muskeg and The Ravine.


Bleak Inlet is a cold and windy region of ruined coastal industry, and a ring of wilderness around its namesake inlet of weak ice. Entry to Bleak Inlet can be gained through a cave system from Forlorn Muskeg or via a ledge by climbing into The Ravine's basin.

It is the first region to feature packs of Timberwolves in Survival mode, and two unique workstations: the Milling Machine and Ammunition Workbench. An abundance of wildlife is present throughout the region, including many Deer, Rabbits, multiple Moose and a roaming Bear. The inlet has two ice fishing huts, offering another renewable source of food.

The region also provides a third spawn location for the Distress Pistol (atop the Fallen Lighthouse).

Initially, the high elevation areas around Echo One Radio Tower can only be accessed via The Ravine. Once on this plateau, the player may deploy a Mountaineering Rope at a climbing point to allow bi-directional access between higher and lower elevations.

An electrically powered keypad-activated door seals the Last Resort Cannery (similar to those in Wintermute).

Due to the multiple widespread Timberwolves packs, it is dangerous to travel the region without firearms or Marine Flares. If playing in Interloper, where firearms are not available, be sure to bring along a bow and a good supply of arrows. Try to avoid confrontations if at all possible.

The Cannery[]

Bleak Inlet was formerly an industrial region which supported the now ruined Last Resort Cannery (of Tin of Sardines fame). The cannery complex consists of ruined warehouses, docks, piers, sheds, semi-trailers, a sealed ship and a trailer. All of these structures are extremely cold, with only the trailer providing proper shelter.

The cannery plant off the pier is a workshop that houses specialized equipment: the Milling Machine which allows repair of damaged or ruined tools and weapons, and the Ammunition Workbench which allows crafting new Hunting Rifle or Revolver ammunition with the Gunsmithing Skill.

  • There are three entrances to the complex: the front gate, side entrance, or coast. Entering the complex from all directions risks encountering a Timberwolf pack in the courtyard. Once inside the complex, a Rope can be climbed and parkour route taken along the roofs of structures leading to The Cannery's main door.
  • Access inside the Cannery is initially barred by an unpowered and electronically locked door. The passcode to this door can be found on a note inside the Echo One Radio Tower. Once this note is read or picked up, the door's keypad can be accessed at night during an active Aurora to open it.
  • Notable loot include an abundance of Tins of Sardines, Marine Flares, Reclaimed Wood, and Charcoal. A Safe with high quality items is at ground level in a ruined building, and a Heavy Hammer may spawn on the pier.
  • A breakroom with a door off the docks contains a Fire Barrel and Bed; however, like all the ruined buildings in the cannery complex, this room is only partially sheltered. To avoid freezing, it may be necessary to sleep in the cannery trailer.
  • Both the breakroom and the room with the locked door have the same behavior as warm caves: they have an air temperature bonus, do not contribute to cabin fever risk, and campfires can be lit on the floor, including with a maglens if the player stands in the doorway, which acts like a shallow cave. These can make ideal locations for cooking because they are wind-sheltered and the full campfire duration bonus can be achieved by standing in the doorway.


Bleak Inlet is a little short of houses, let alone safe houses. There are two enterable structures that could serve this purpose: the first being the Cannery Worker Residences. One of the four of these buildings has a bed, fireplace, and some storage. Some wildlife might spawn nearby, including a Bear, as well as a notable Rabbit and Deer spawn near the Fallen Lighthouse.

Another possible safehouse is a small cabin located in a secluded corner of the map. It contains a Rim Grill, bed, and decent storage. Deer and Rabbits will spawn nearby, as well as Rose Hips and occasionally Timberwolf.


Bleak Inlet is a moderately large map with a cold, windy climate and few indoor locations, making it challenging for even skilled survivors.

Additionally, there are a number of small, unnamed caves scattered throughout the region.


  • Bleak Inlet is home to multiple packs of Timberwolves and several Moose and Bear.
  • The weather of Bleak Inlet is very cold and windy with few shelters, natural or artificial, and has an above-average number of Auroras at night. On average it's weather is less severe weather than Pleasant Valley, but comparably cold to that of Timberwolf Mountain.
  • Accessing Bleak Inlet can be difficult: requiring either traversing Forlorn Muskeg and a cave, or two rope climbs from The Ravine.