Birch Saplings can be found growing near birch trees and in a variety of wild landscapes, usually in groups of 2-5, throughout the game's Regions.

A "green" (referring to its uncured state, rather than its colour) birch sapling can be cured by leaving it to dry indoors or inside a deep cave for four days. During this time if the sapling is curing it will show it's status. wether laying on the ground or if picked up in one's inventroy.

Once dried the green Birch Sapling will become a Cured Birch Sapling, which can then be used for crafting Arrow Shafts. Both green and cured Birch Saplings will always be at 100% condition.

Green[edit | edit source]

Freshly harvested birch sapling. Needs to be cured before it can be used for crafting and repair.

Can be used for crafting and repair after air-drying indoors for 4 days.
In-game description

Green Birch Saplings can be harvested with a Hatchet, Improvised Hatchet or a Hacksaw for a single a single green birch sapling. Where the sapling used to stand a small root stump will remain, this stump cannot be interacted with and will not regrow a sapling.

Tools do not suffer condition loss for harvesting saplings.

To cure the sapling for use in crafting, the Green Birch Sapling must be dropped on the floor inside an indoors structure or a deep cave. Over the next several days, progress towards curing is displayed as a percentage and can be checked by examining the sapling.

Cured[edit | edit source]

Small birch sapling that has been cured. Can be used for crafting and repair.
In-game description

The player can use a Hunting Knife, Hatchet (or their improvised versions) to craft a Cured Birch Sapling into 3 Arrow Shafts at the Work Bench 

Green and Cured Saplings, as well as Arrow Shafts will stack in the inventory and containers.

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