A natural tea, brewed from prepared Birch Bark. Drink to gradually restore some lost Condition.
In-game description

Birch bark tea is a restorative item brewed using bark from a birch tree.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Birch Bark Tea is a natural and renewable medicinal drink that is cooked using a Prepared Birch Bark and 0.25 liters of potable Water at a fire.

Drinking it gives hydration, calories, and the "Restore Condition" status effect which slowly restores Condition over time; this makes Birch Bark Tea similar to Herbal Tea but not requiring rest and also being renewable.

As with all teas, Birch Bark Tea may be also be consumed hot to apply the Warming Up status effect. Cooking the tea initially will improve the Cooking skill.

Birch Bark Tea is disabled in the As the Dead Sleep challenge, but Birch Bark can still be found and used as tinder.

Birch Bark Tea does not lose Condition over time.

Warmable beverages can be heated to "Hot" by placing them near an active fire, and do not require being placed on one of fire's Cooking Spots for this purpose.

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