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A down-filled sleeping bag.
In-game description

The Bedroll is a tool for sleeping without a bed in The Long Dark.


The Bedroll is a tool which allows sleep at any location indoors or outside. It may not be crafted but can be found at multiple locations in each region. It is repaired with cloth. The Bedroll and the Bear Skin Bedroll don't need a Sewing Kit or Fishing Tackle to be repaired: they can be repaired by hand, which takes longer, but with the upside of not consuming the durability of Sewing Kits or Fishing Tackles.


Bedrolls must be deployed to use ("use" in the inventory, or via the Radial Menu). When deployed they may be slept in indoors or outside, restoring fatigue and also condition if all 4 needs are met. The rate of Condition restored when using a Bedroll is slower than with a proper beds or a Bear Skin Bedroll (see Sleep). When used Bedrolls provide warmth based on the bedroll's current condition (similar to Clothes).

The Bedroll is lighter than the Bearskin Bedroll (1kg vs 3kg). Bedrolls decay slowly over time, and quickly while being used.