Bedroll crafted from Bear Skin. Heavy, but very warm. The smell might scare animals away.
In-game description

The bear skin bedroll is a type of bedroll crafted from the fur and skin of a black bear.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Sleeping in the bear skin bedroll provides a warm bonus of 12 degrees Celsius, making it by far the warmest place to sleep.

It can be harvested for one cloth and one cured black bear hide . Harvesting takes one and a half hours.

It is implied by its description that the bear skin bedroll can prevent wildlife attacks while sleeping.

In fact, players are much less likely to be attacked by wolves while sleeping. In addition, players are not attacked by bears during sleep.

The bear skin bedroll do not prevent animal attacks when in your inventory (or on the ground).

The condition % restored is the same as sleeping in a bed and it's 1% better per hour compared to an usual bedroll. (see sleep for more information.)

A possible spawn location can be found on Bleak Inlet inside the Pensive Lookout below a corkboard on Pilgrim, Voyageur and Stalker difficulties.

Crafting[edit | edit source]

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