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A large defensive weapon, designed to pierce the thick hides of charging predators. For those with the heart to wield it.
In-game description
Ten inches of cold hard steel might do what a bullet can't. I'm convinced– a spear's the way to kill that bear.

The Bear spear is a weapon only available in Story mode.


The Bear Spear is currently a Story-mode-only weapon utilized in Episode 2 in the Bear Hunt mission. Before using it, you have to repair the spear in the forge in the Maintenance Yard with 2 pieces of scrap metal. This weapon cannot be crafted yet but will probably be available in the future, according to Devs' Diary.

You can harvest the Bear Spear to obtain a maple sapling and one piece of scrap metal.


The player uses the spear by bracing for the bear charge and then thrusting the spear into the bear. To brace for the attack, hold LMB on PC, which will deplete stamina and restrict the player to pivoting approximately 30 degrees to either side. It takes about half a second between starting to brace, and the spear becoming active. If the spear is active, a special "spear struggle" will ensue in which the player can click repeatedly to fill the bar and win the struggle. If the spear is not yet active, the bear will attack the player normally and the player will be defenseless in the struggle.

Additionally, the spear can be used to deter wolves by activating it as a wolf charges the player. This can allow the player to carry less deterrents like flares or firearms (which can then be stored until needed for hunting).