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Doctor Astrid Greenwood is one of two playable protagonists in The Long Dark. She will be playable in Episode 3.

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Dr. Astrid Greenwood is a freelance doctor and ex-wife of Will Mackenzie. After an unexpected confrontation between the two prior to the First Flare, Astrid comes to Will after years of being apart to ask him if he can fly her out to an isolated town in the northern area of Great Bear Island in order to treat a patient of hers. After a hesistant acceptance Mackenzie flies with her out in bad weather where they both experience the bright flash of light that is the First Flare event as their plane crashes in the northern wilderness. Both of them are separated and forced to survive the Quiet Apocalypse.

Players will experience the story mode through both Will Mackenzie's and Astrid's point-of-view.

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She is Caucasian-White with Brown Hair, Green eyes and has adapted a skilled use of the bow and arrow. She wears a tan jacket along with a green-grey poncho and hood/cowl. She also carries a quiver to her bow.

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