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The world has changed. But there's a chance for one last journey before the cold sets in. Walk the path, visit the graves, and make things right before the end.
In-game description

As the Dead Sleep is the seventh Challenge to be added into the game. In the challenge, you have to visit five graves in marked locations around Great Bear Island. It is considered the hardest Challenge currently in the game, and was inspired by community-created Deadman custom difficulty.


You will always spawn in the Fallen Lighthouse at Bleak Inlet. The game is set to Interloper difficulty, making wildlife aggressive and loot rare. In this challenge, you cannot heal by sleeping. Birch bark tea is also disabled. The only way to heal is by locating and using emergency stims. Deer and rabbits will not spawn, though deer carcasses are still available to scavenge.

The graves are in the following locations:

Grave Quotes[]

As the player is completing this challenge once they visit a grave the thoughts of the survivor will be displayed on screen, they will be displayed in the same order no matter what grave is found first. the quotes are as follows:

  • 1) I found the water. Like I promised. Where the rivers meet the sea. A bitter and empty place. You were right.
  • 2) We were all so cold. More than we could take. No escape from it. Please forgive me.
  • 3) I left you behind. My guts freezing. my feet on fire. Each step a hundred years. It was too far, too far.
  • 4) Why couldn't you hold out? Why couldn't I let go? Are you at rest? Is there sky above where you are?
  • 5) The world falling away. Did you know already, somehow? Before you left us? The lights, they used to go on.


Interloper difficulty means that you will not be able to loot warm manufactured clothes or firearms at any point during this challenge. With the amount of time it takes to prepare a bow and hide clothing, plan on completing the challenge without either. General Interloper gameplay advice applies to this challenge, with some additional points

  • Predator spawns are slightly reduced compared to Interloper, but encounters are exponentially more dangerous due to the lack of healing except for stims. Plan travel routes around avoiding their spawn areas.
  • Avoid any travel at night: clear weather brings the chance of an Aurora which increases animal aggression and strips you of any means to ward predators off except for the Distress Pistol, while bad weather will obscure your vision and impede travel.
  • You will likely not have a bedroll until reaching the Camp Office, so plan your travel around the locations of interior beds.
  • The lack of high-tier clothing gives you more carrying capacity; consider carrying more water and firewood than normal.
  • Stop regularly during travel to warm up at fires; you lose 20% condition in 5 minutes of real time (1 hour in game) from freezing.
  • Consider not visiting major loot spots unless they are on your path through a region. Locations such as the Hunting Lodge and Paradise Meadows Farm, for example, will likely contain great loot spots, but also require traveling through wolf territory.


  • This challenge was introduced in version 1.64.