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In the Quiet Apocalypse, fragments of the old world are few and far between. Collect all the Buffer Memories you find, to preserve their echoes.
In-game description

Archivist is one of seven challenges in The Long Dark.

Overview[edit | edit source]

During the aurora, collect Buffer Memories from across Great Bear Island at the locations listed in your journal.
In-game instructions

In this challenge, the player must view a buffer memory at each location listed in the journal. Each location will have a computer, which will turn on and display buffer memories during an aurora.

The player starts out in the Milton House fully rested, fully hydrated, and with 2000 calories. The player will have a bedroll and a flashlight in addition to some miscellaneous items and clothing. The frequency of auroras is increased for this challenge, although they will not occur every night. As a result, it is often necessary to pass time at a location before a buffer memory can be accessed. The buffer memory displayed on screen will change periodically throughout the night, although only one buffer memory is needed at each location in order to complete the challenge.

Journal[edit | edit source]

Region Location
Milton Orca Gas Station
Milton Post Office
Mystery Lake Lower Dam
Mystery Lake Camp Office
Coastal Highway Quonset
Coastal Highway Fishing Cabin
Pleasant Valley Signal Hill
Pleasant Valley General Store
Broken Railroad Maintenance Shed Exterior
Broken Railroad Maintenance Shed
Desolation Point Hibernia Processing
Desolation Point Lighthouse
Forlorn Muskeg North Tower
Timberwolf Mountain Chasm Cave

Gallery[edit | edit source]

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